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ACM Merges with NCT to Create United Tranz*Actions

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ACM, NACM's world-class payment processor partner, recently announced that it had merged with long-time competitor, National Check Trust, Inc. (NCT), to form a new financial services company known as United Tranz*Actions, LLC, or UTA for short.

The merger will provide NACM members an expanded product line, as well as a strengthened infrastructure to support continued growth and product expansion. "This is a powerhouse solution," said UTA President Dean Middleton. "We are truly a one-stop, fully loaded billing and payment solution."

"Our competitive advantage is that we are able to distribute your statement and invoicing as your customers want it, make those same documents available online and accept payment-all with the click of a mouse," he added.

NCT has historically focused its check guaranteeing services to the automotive industry and the buildings and materials industry, and has done so very successfully, producing an industry leading product in a competitive marketplace. In addition to its check guarantee service, ACM has recently made great strides in the development of its other electronic services, offering credit card processing, remote check deposit with no NSFs, electronic bill presentment and payment, online bill pay, EFT/ACH check-by-phone and E-mmediate, ACM's check-by-phone service that offered no NSFs.

Now, as UTA, the best of both worlds will be readily available to all NACM members, who can purchase services as a complete benefits package or a la carte.

For the time being, current customers will see no changes in existing services. "There's no rush to make change," said Middleton. "We'll roll out a logo when we decide on one, but after that, the only changes will be for the benefit of our customers."

Source: NACM


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