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September 2008

Central Contractor Registration

The federal government’s fiscal year ends September 30. Good time to check your Central Contractor Registration (CCR) for information accuracy. Each year, funds are lost due to inactive CCR registrations or inaccurate bank account information.

CCR has requested that NACM pass along the following important information to our members:
CCR has recently been informed that fraudulent letters were sent to contractors requesting that the vendor provide their TPIN for new CCR related features. Do not, under any circumstance, provide your TPIN to any person outside of your immediate organization. Listed below are samples of the fraudulent letters:

Letter 1

Letter 2

Phone Solicitation

CCR has been notified that registrants are receiving misleading phone calls from someone claiming to be from CCR. The caller tells the Registrant that their registration was incomplete and offers to fix it for $300.

There is no charge to enter or update registrant information in CCR.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your registration, please contact the CCR Help Desk. For additional information, go to http://www.ccr.gov/securitynote.aspx.

National Institute of Health

NIH has a training website to help vendors with payment issues. The NIH Training Center (TC) is available to vendors that are having issues getting NIHITS Nominations paid. NIHTC has links to NIH news, the vendor forum, courses, payment guidance and more. To view the variety of options visit http://learningsource.od.nih.gov/NIHITS_PMT1.html.

Army Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan

(Continued from August Newsletter)The Principal Assistance Responsible for Contracting (PARC) procurement authority is subject to the FAR, Defense FAR Supplement and Army FAR Supplement.

PARC-Iraq Contact Information

  1. Mailing address: Office of the PARC-Iraq, GRD2/JCCI, APO AE 09348
  2. E-mail address: JCCI_PARC-I@pco-iraq.net
  3. Office Symbol: FIJC-PARC-I

PARC-Afghanistan Contact Information

  1. Mailing address: JCC I/A Contracting, BLDG 90, APO AE 09354
  2. E-mail address: BGRMPARC-A@swa.army.mil
  3. Office Symbol: PARC-A

Contracting Officers appoint the FOO and OO for the contract:

  1. A Field Ordering Officer is appointed, in writing, to procure supplies, services and construction using Standard Form (SF) 44, Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher.
  2. An Ordering Officer is appointed, in writing, to place Delivery/Task Orders under Indefinite Delivery type contracts issued by the Joint Contracting Command Iraq/Afghanistan, using SF 1449 or SF 1155.

The Command Judge Advocate (CJA) is the ethics advisor for Iraq, JCCI.Legal@pco-iraq.net, or DSN 318-239-8152.

The Assistant Command Judge Advocate-Afghanistan is the ethics advisor for Afghanistan, BGRMPARC-ALEGAL@swa.army.mil, or DSN 318-481-6105.

United States Government employees are prohibited from receiving federal contracts. This FAR subpart 3.601 prohibition avoids a conflict between the employee’s interests and their government duties and avoids the appearance of favoritism or preferential treatment by the Government toward its employees. For the same reasons, it is JCC-I/A policy that contractor employees performing for JCC-I/A offices cannot receive JCC-I/A contracts

RCC chiefs will ensure government or contractor employees do not receive JCC-I/A contracts. If this situation is identified, RCC chiefs will notify CID and the PARC immediately. The Command Judge Advocate is available to answer questions and to provide advice.

Electronic Commerce

  1. Iraq: In support of the Economic Line of Operation of the Multi National Force-Iraq (MNF-I) Campaign Plan, the use of the Department of Defense, Business Transformation Agency website www.rebuilding-iraq.net is required for posting solicitations. RCC and Division Chiefs may use local websites, to include www.baghdadbusinesscenter.org.
  2. Afghanistan: The use of www.militarycontracting.com is highly encouraged for posting solicitations and mandatory for an action anticipated to exceed $5M.


Table 3 (As of July 25, 2007)

W91GDW Theater-wide Requirements Division Baghdad, Iraq 09348
W91GXN Hillah RCO Hillah, Iraq 09316**
W91GXS Kirkuk RCC Kirkuk, Iraq 09359
W91GY3 Basrah RCC Basra, Iraq 09366
W91GXX Oil Sector Baghdad, Iraq 09348**
W91GXY Electrical Sector Baghdad, Iraq 09348**
W91GXZ Fac/Svcs Sector Baghdad, Iraq 09348**
W91GY1 Public Works/Water Sector Baghdad, Iraq 09348**
W91GY0 MNSTCI Support Division Baghdad, Iraq 09348
W91GER Specialized Contracts Division Baghdad, Iraq 09342
W91GET Baghdad RCC Baghdad, Iraq 09348
W91GEU Victory RCC Camp Victory 09342
W91GEY Echo RCC Echo 09332
W91GF5 Balad RCC Balad 09391
W91GFB Mosul RCC Mosul, Iraq 09385
W91GF9 Kirkuk RCC Kirkuk, Iraq 09338
W91GFC Taji RCC Taji, Iraq 09378
W91GXE Tallil Tallil, Iraq 09331
W91GFL Tikrit Tikrit, Iraq 09392
W917VW Al Asad Al Asad, Iraq 09333
W91B4K Fentry RCC Jalalabad, Afgh. 09354
W91B4L Kandahar RCC Kandahar, Afgh. 09355
W91B4M Kabul RCC Kabul, Afgh. 09356
W91B4N Bagram RCC Bagram, Afgh. 09354
W91B4P Salerno RCC Salerno, Afgh. 09314

**No longer used for contract awards

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