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Webinar: UCCs—The Financial and Psychological Advantages of Being a Secured Creditor
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UCCs—The Financial and Psychological Advantages of Being a Secured Creditor


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Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm EST
Cost: $219.00

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UCC Filings can alleviate write offs due to bankruptcy, there's no debating that. Having a UCC Filing in place can allow you to open and extend your trade credit line as well. But, can a UCC Filing help you get paid; and paid faster than your competition? This session will cover the UCC basics and help you realize the Financial and Psychological advantages of being a secure creditor.


1. Introduction
       • Creation of the UCC, Uniform Consistency to Promote Commerce.
2. Overview of Secured Transactions
       • The Claims Priority Ladder, Finding Your Way to the Top.
       • Why is there not greater use?
       • Types of Collateral
            o Tangible vs. Intangible
3. Types of Security Interest, Which is Right for Your Industry?
       • Blanket or Basic Security Interest
       • Purchase Money Security Interest
       • Consignment Protection/ Lease Protection
4. A Credit Manager's Approach to Leveraging Benefits and gain psychological advantages
       • Default
       • Chapter 7
       • Chapter 11
5. Security Agreements
       • The Required Elements (It's a contract!)
6. Financing Statements
       • Forms and Formats: A review of the Required Elements.
       • Electronic Filings and Revised Article 9
7. Collateral Descriptions
       • General Enough to Write One
       • Specific Enough to Reasonably Identify Your Collateral
       • Getting Help
8. Getting Started.



Chris Ring is the National Sales Representative for NACM's Secure Transaction Services and he specializes in assisting credit professionals secure their receivables using Mechanic's Lien Laws and Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Chris consults with companies on a daily basis leading them to find the best way to use these credit tools to assure that they are in the best possible position to get paid. Since 2002, Chris has completed seminars on both Mechanic's Liens and UCC Filings for companies, NACM Affiliate Credit Conferences, NACM Industry Credit Groups, CFDD Meetings, and NACM's Secured Transaction Services seminars.

During Chris' presentations, he demonstrates how to overcome objections from customers, sales reps and management to using these credit tools. Chris also actively solicits questions from attendees so all attendees can learn from the successes and struggles others have had while using these tools. In the end, Chris' goal is to help you be the best credit professional you can be and have a little fun along the way.


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