2014 Director Candidates to the NACM-National Board- Central Region


Members belonging to NACM Connect (Chicago, Wisconsin, Omaha, St. Louis), NACM Greater Cleveland, NACM Fargo Moorhead, NACM Great Lakes Region (Detroit, Grand Rapids, Dayton, and Indianapolis), NACM Heartland (Des Moines), NACM Kansas City, NACM North Central/FORIUS Business Credit Resources (Minneapolis), and NACM South Central Region (Louisville) are invited to cast one vote each to elect their NACM Director-Central Region.

Ballots must be received by 5:00pm CT time on October 15, 2014 in order to be deemed as eligible. Ballots received after this date and time will not be counted.

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Mike Bengert, CCE, CICP Ed Frermann, CCE, ICCE Ty Knox Joann Malz, CCE, ICCE



Mike Bengert, CCE, CICP

Atlas Van Lines, Inc.
NACM South Central (Louisville) Member

mike bengert 05Mike Bengert, CCE, CICP manages credit and collections for Atlas Van Lines. Formed in 1948 by a group of local transfer and storage firms, Atlas employs nearly 700 people throughout North America and specializes in corporate relocation, household moving services and in the transportation of high-value items such as electronics, fine art, store fixtures and furniture. Based in Evansville, Indiana, it is the second-largest interstate motor carrier in the United States.


Mike began his career in public accounting and earned the Certified Public Account (CPA) certification. While he does not currently practice as a CPA, he does keep his license current. Mike transitioned from public accounting into the private sector, working as an Accounting Manager for a manufacturer, as a Controller for a contractor, the Bursar (financial administrator) for the University of Evansville and as the Director of Accounts Receivable before moving into credit.

Because Mike has worked in several different industries providing him with a broad background, he not only has a strong financial background, but also a deep understanding of the importance of the credit professional and sound credit management practices and policies. Putting his 25 years of experience to work in his role as Director of Credit & Collections at Atlas, in addition to managing credit, collections and cash application, he has renegotiated contracts and improved workflow processes saving the company about $250,000 per year.

Mike is proud to have been mentored by one of credit’s “all-time greats,” Phyllis Truitt, CCE, who served as NACM Chairman in 2010. “Phyllis taught me the value of NACM and I want to carry the deep passion forward.” Mike turns to NACM as his one-stopshop provider of services and currently serves on the Board of Directors for NACM South Central in Louisville.

Mike completed NACM’s Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management in 2011, during which he earned NACM’s Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation. Mike went on to earn FCIB’s Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) designation in 2012 when he successfully completed the 13-week International Credit & Risk Management (ICRM) program.

Mike sees “adapting to changes in technology and continuing to provide the credit professional with the tools needed to help their company maximize profits” as the biggest challenges facing NACM today. Mike went on to say that, “we must ensure that upper management understands the value of NACM and the education, services and products NACM offers to help the credit professional. NACM sets the standards for credit professionals and provides the tools and the resources needed to become successful. I will strive to maintain and, when possible, to improve the services offered or provided.”

Mike earned B.S. degrees in accounting and computer science from Indiana State University.


Ed Frermann, CCE, ICCE

Carlisle Brake & Friction, Inc.
NACM Greater Cleveland Member

ed-frermann 05Ed Frermann, CCE, ICCEbegan his career in credit management in 1986. His experience includes service as Corporate Credit Manager at The Heritage Group in Indianapolis and as the Corporate Manager at Bindley Western Industries, a Fortune 220 company in Indianapolis. Bindley Western was eventually acquired by Cardinal Health Systems and the credit function was centralized in Dublin, OH. Ed also served as the Corporate Credit Manager at Heartland Imaging until it was acquired by Fuji and the credit function was centralized to White Plains, New York.


Ed served as the President of the Indiana Institute of Credit, Vice- Chairman of the 1992 Central Region Credit Conference, and President of the Central Region Credit Conference in 1997. His committee and Board positions included service on the Indiana Association of Credit Management Education (IACM) Committee from 1991-2000, serving as Chairman of that Committee from 1997-2000, and serving as a member of the IACM Board of Directors from 1995-2003. He proudly accepted the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of the Indiana Association of Credit Management from 2003-2007.

He returned to the credit management profession in 2007, accepting his current position as Director, Global Credit Management for Carlisle Brake & Friction, Inc., a manufacturer of brakes and braking systems with locations in the US, China, Wales, India, Italy and Japan.

He earned NACM’s prestigious Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation in April 1991 and went on to earn FCIB’s Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) and FCIB’s highest global credit designation, the International Certified Credit Executive (ICCE) designation in January 2012. Among his many accomplishments are receiving NACM’s CCE Designation of Excellence Award in 1999 and IACM’s Credit Executive of the Year Award in 2001. Ed led Credit Administration Program (CAP) courses, leading to NACM’s CBA designation, for his affiliate from 1993-2007 primarily teaching the Business Credit Principles course. He also shared his passion for credit by leading and facilitating seminars and workshops for the Indiana affiliate on such topics as Credit Management 101, Credit Boot Camp, Dealing with Difficult Customers and Cradle to Grave: The Customer Life Cycle.

Ed categorizes NACM’s greatest challenge, second only to maintaining and growing membership, as member participation and engagement in NACM-sponsored events, especially in the current economy where companies are limiting travel and continuing education expense. Using the catch phrase, “location, location, location” as a model, Ed thinks that the best way to promote the vision and mission of NACM is “communication, communication, communication,” whether that be through email, phone calls or active participation in affiliate and regional events.

If elected to the NACM Board of Directors, Ed plans to inspire the Board to ask what the membership wants, and if achievable and realistic, he’d like to help the NACM organization, as a part of its leadership, meet the wants and needs of the membership. Ed will do everything possible with whatever resources are available to him to accomplish this goal. Ed says that, “Without an active and enthusiastic Board of Directors encouraging active participation by the membership, the success of NACM would be like a professional sports team trying to win the championship, while the management and leadership of the team sit on the sidelines and ignore the weaknesses in the team. Neither one will achieve the desired goals.”


Ty Knox

EFCO Corp.
NACM Heartland (Des Moines, Iowa) Member

ty-knox 05Ty Knox leads EFCO Corp.’s risk management team, providing the organization with the identification, assessment and recommendations for managing the risks that endanger the assets and earning capacity of the business. EFCO is a leasing company supplying contractors with forming and shoring equipment for concrete construction. Ty leads a “Matrix Support” department with nine department members located at the Des Moines corporate headquarters and local collectors located in district offices.


As the Director of Credit & Risk, Ty manages the contracting, invoicing, credit and collections departments. He recently enhanced Matrix Support for EFCO’s International operations by hiring two Regional support staff members—one located in Manila to support EFCO’s Europe and Asia regions and the other in Santiago to support EFCO’s Latin America regions. At fiscal year end, Ty’s departments met all five of EFCO’s corporate risk management objectives in North America and 75% of its corporate risk management objectives for international business. He recently created a new process for identifying the root causes of customer account credits and implemented corrective action to mitigate future credits.

With more than 15 years of experience in credit and risk management and applying a strong expertise in data-driven modeling, Ty leads his team by example and drives results. Under his direction, EFCO has exceeded its annual objective of less than 2% write-offs and has increased the condition of aged receivables from less than 60% current to over 80% current. He has worked to develop risk management processes and procedures, with his team taking on the responsibility of ensuring process discipline is adhered to worldwide.

Prior to joining EFCO in 2003, Ty was the Director of Credit for Ruan Leasing Co., a privately held transportation company providing dedicated fleet and logistics management, where he led a team of credit analysts and collectors. In his four-year tenure, Ty automated the credit screening process and developed a workload process to help the collectors manage their workload more efficiently. He managed a $30 million A/R portfolio and drove DSO down by 15 days. Prior to this, Ty held various positions in credit and collections for First National Bank, Dun & Bradstreet and Battery Patrol.

NACM has been a constant throughout Ty’s career. He joined the NACM Heartland Affiliate Board of Directors in 2003 and served as its Chairman from 2009 to 2011. He continues to serve the board in various capacities.

Ty believes that “the greatest challenges facing our Affiliate Network today is member retention.” He went on to say that we must find “ways to demonstrate the value of NACM to existing members. Affiliates must find new ways to bring value to the NACM membership.” Ty said, “As someone who’s benefited so much from NACM, I am passionate about giving back to the organization. I want to find new ways of demonstrating to other credit professionals how much NACM can help them achieve their professional goals through the association’s networking and educational opportunities. There are many untapped opportunities for the organization through the use of technology. The next generation of credit professionals will rely much more on technology and we need to be sure NACM is there to support them.”

Ty is active in coaching youth sports for his children and is a leader in the Boy Scouts of America. He recently completed the prestigious Wood Badge training course, a world-class leadership development program intended for all Scout leaders who have completed the basic training for their position.

Ty Knox holds a master’s degree in Business Leadership, with a B.A. in business.


Joann Malz, CCE, ICCE

Pentair Management Company
Forius/NACM North Central Member

joan-malz 05Joann Malz, CCE, ICCEis Director, Global Customer Financial Services for Pentair, a global water, fluid, thermal management and equipment protection partner with leading industry products, services and solutions headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with its United States’ office located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is responsible for global management, oversight and standardization of Pentair’s credit, collection, dispute, cash application policies and processes, associated automated work flows and SharePoint sites, monthly results reporting and communication, and global vendor contract negotiations.


JoAnn is also responsible for the successful integration of mergers and acquisitions into Pentair’s Customer Financial Services (CFS) policies and processes. In 2010, she led the global implementation of a single instance schema of GetPaid software and incorporated global and regional annual credit conferences to gather Pentair’s CFS leaders together from around the world to network, learn and share best practices in addition to regional monthly A/R update calls. Her accomplishments also include designing, developing and facilitating a 13-week global international training program for Pentair’s finance, CFS and sales teams.

Prior to working for Pentair, JoAnn was credit analyst for Business Credit Leasing, owned by Schwan’s. She spent 15 years at Cargill, moving from Credit Analyst to Service Center Manager to Business Application Support and to Credit Manager. She then moved to Emerson Process Management to work in its shared services center as Transaction Services Manager and was responsible for process improvement, intercompany collections, deductions and cash application processes. She eventually went to work for Pentair as its Corporate Customer Financial Services Manager and was promoted to the position of Director, Global Customer Financial Services in 2006. In June 2012, JoAnn successfully completed Pentair’s Executive Development Program.

JoAnn earned NACM’s prestigious Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation in 1998 and completed FCIB’s International Credit & Risk Management course to earn the Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) designation in 2005. She now holds FCIB’s highest designation, the International Certified Credit Executive Designation (ICCE). She was honored with the 2007 FORIUS Credit Executive of the Year Award in 2007.

She has been actively engaged with her NACM affiliate, FORIUS/ NACM North Central, serving on its Board of Directors. She served as the Chairman in 2011-2012. JoAnn continues to participate in committee service, having served on the FORIUS Nominating Committee and Credit Executive of the Year Selection Committee. She is a member of the FORIUS Business Credit Resources group and currently co-chairs the Shared Services group. JoAnn is also a member of FCIB and the Credit Research Foundation.

JoAnn believes that NACM’s vision and mission could be further promoted by sharing knowledge with others across the globe. She can envision enhanced utilization of online posting and forum discussions, encouraging conversations worldwide. She would like to participate in FCIB’s mentor network, to lend assistance to those working their way through CICP coursework. She intends to continue to promote NACM’s vision and mission by encouraging developing professionals to pursue professional designations, hire certified candidates when possible and ensuring Pentair representation and participation in major events and forums along with promoting the easy accessibility of webinars offered to grow knowledge.

JoAnn said, “I think it is also important to support and encourage existing certified credit professionals to maintain their certifications and continuously improve their skill base because when we stop learning, we stop getting better at what we do and we stop delivering value-added improvements. Participation in research and benchmarking is valuable and has been a present challenge due to volume of ERPs and touch points to gather data, but I believe we can better utilize the A/R data warehouse we are building so we can begin to accurately contribute to research and benchmarking requests to enhance market data applicable to our industries.”

JoAnn holds a B.S. in finance from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.


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