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Columbia, MD: October 16, 2012—The Finance, Credit and International Business Association (FCIB), the international division of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), will host its 23rd Annual Global Conference at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on November 11-13, 2012.

This year's conference will be geared toward offering attendees insight into the trade world of tomorrow, today. Financial risk management is a profession firmly focused on the future. Though the tools used to evaluate a customer's creditworthiness, whether financial statements or other indicators, might come from the past, the goal of these practitioners is to ensure their company gets paid in the future.

The 23rd Annual Global Conference will offer the sort of knowledge that these professionals need to thrive in today and tomorrow's global finance market. In addition to offering unparalleled networking opportunities, the event will feature a keynote presentation from Myron Brilliant, senior vice president of international affairs for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as several other timely educational sessions on topics as diverse as navigating the Middle East and the real costs of outsourcing a company's credit and collections functions.

"Today's economy offers companies as many opportunities as it does risks," said NACM President and FCIB Board Member Robin Schauseil, CAE. "It takes insight, an eye for growth and a strong professional network to effectively manage a company's global receivables, and all three of those elements will be delivered in spades to the attendees of this year's FCIB Global Conference."

This year's conference also marks the release of the third edition of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters and its inaugural Spanish language edition. Published by Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA), this resource was developed with assistance from FCIB, and is the most recent of several collaborations between FCIB and the Commerce Department. Another current partnership involves ITA’s overseas officers to help expand FCIB's "Doing Business In" series of educational sessions.

"The Trade Finance Guide has been a valuable resource for international credit, banking and trade finance professionals since it was first published in 2007 with assistance from FCIB, and now it will be available to even more exporters in its first Spanish translation," said FCIB Chairperson Mike Mino, CCE. "As more and more companies continue to grow their business through exporting, FCIB stands ready to provide them with the tools they need to do so successfully."

More information on FCIB’s 23rd Annual Global Conference can be found at

About the Finance, Credit and International Business Association

Established in 1919, FCIB is a division of and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Credit Management and is internationally recognized as the premier association for executives in finance, credit and international business, providing critical export credit and collections insight, practical advice and intelligence to companies of all sizes. FCIB offers unique networking and educational opportunities, enhancing professional careers and improving company competitiveness and bottom line. FCIB has been a past recipient of the President’s “E” Certificate for Export Service, the President’s E Star Award for Export Service and, most recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Certificate of appreciation for its outstanding contributions to the publication and promotion of The Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters for the further advancement of U.S. Exports.

About the National Association of Credit Management

NACM, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, supports more than 15,000 business credit and financial professionals worldwide with premier industry services, tools and information. NACM and its network of affiliated associations are the leading resource for credit and financial management information, education, products and services designed to improve the management of business credit and accounts receivable. NACM’s collective voice has influenced federal legislative policy results concerning commercial business and trade credit to our nation’s policy makers for more than 100 years, and continues to play an active part in legislative issues pertaining to business credit and corporate bankruptcy. Its annual Credit Congress is the largest gathering of credit professionals in the world.

FCIB and NACM have a wealth of member experts in the fields of business-to-business credit and law. Consider using us as a resource in the development of your next credit or finance story.


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