"It's tough, but with what's going on in today's market, we're living in a world of downsize," said Jim Montague, CCE, director of credit operations at Lippert Components, Inc. "Every one of you is doing more with less people and your company is not going to come to you and say ‚ÄėI'm going to give you more help in your department, I think you need it.' It's going to be the other way around."

In response to this environment, companies and credit departments have reacted by implementing various technologies to take the place of other staff and while making the remaining team as efficient and productive as possible. Whether its credit scoring, deduction management or e-invoicing processes, or even new techniques for finding new sales overseas or getting the most out of their current customers, companies are adapting the credit function to suit the current economic environment and credit professionals themselves should be leading the charge to use these different solutions to add to their company's bottom line.

In the September/October 2009 issue of NACM's Business Credit magazine, scheduled for release early next month, credit professionals can find a wealth of information on both technological solutions, new techniques to enhance sales and collections, as well as the latest in business trends to keep them on the cutting edge. Check out the issue's domestic feature for a primer on various high-tech solutions that credit professionals can use to make their operations more efficient, all with less paper. Or, get up to date on the global business world with the international feature, which discusses the state of beneficial free trade agreements in the country's wobbling economy. The issue also includes articles on optimizing a credit department, following trends in financial regulation and managing deductions using other software systems.

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