NACM's 2010 Credit Congress is currently underway at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas!

Opening officially on Sunday evening at the grand opening of the Expo Hall, the event continued this morning with an introduction and welcome by NACM's Chairman, Phyllis Truitt, CCE. "As frequently as you've seen it portrayed on TV or in film, few things impress and overwhelm us like the Vegas skyline," said Truitt. "It's great to be back in Las Vegas. I thank all of you, our members, for taking the time to support our association and our profession by attending this year's Credit Congress."

Truitt presided over the morning proceedings before turning the podium over to Honors & Awards Committee Chairman, and 2010 Credit Executive of the Year, Dave Beckel, CCE, who presented this year's awards to their recipients (keep tuned to the blog for more information on this year's winners).

After all the awards were taken care of, Truitt then welcomed Chester Elton, motivation and recognition specialist and co-author of New York Times best-seller "The Carrot Principle." Called the "apostle of appreciation," Elton delivered a rousing presentation to a rapt room of attendees, eager to take advantage of Elton's unique insights into the world of recognition-based management.

Elton implored attendees to engage their employees in a deeper way. "Engagement makes sense," he said. "It's just flat out good business." He also noted that, contrary to conventional wisdom, money isn't really the best motivator. "The average raise is 3%," Elton noted. "Is 3% life changing?" Instead, managers should work to recognize the best in their employees and make them aware of it. "Recognize excellence, and that's the thing: it's excellence," he noted, cautioning the attendees not to overdo anything. "It's not rewarding people for arriving on time, three days in a row, sober," he added, to laughter from attendees. "Rewarded behavior gets repeated. It's common sense, uncommonly practiced."

In addition to his motivational and, at many times comical and even inspirational, words, Elton punctuated his presentation with video clips, songs, and audience participation, and even threw out stuffed toy carrots and "The Carrot Principle" frisbees to the delighted crowd.

Stay tuned for more updates right here on NACM's Credit Real-Time Blog!

Jacob Barron, NACM staff writer


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