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DFAS-Columbus 2012 Open House Dates

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy

DPAP is responsible for all contracting and procurement policy matters including e-Business in the Department of Defense (DoD). The website details contract procedures and federal policies. If you sell to the government or want to sell to the government, this site is a valuable tool to include in your favorites.

VA's Vendor Inquiry System Training

Veteran's Affairs offers online training, a great tool for first-time users of the VIS system. If you are new to the VA online payment system, make sure you check out this free training.

Open house dates are tentatively scheduled for May 23, August 15 and November 14.

DFAS-Columbus Customer Service Open House: March 21, 8:30am–4:00pm
Contractors and vendors welcome! No registration fees. Early registration is encouraged!

Send email request to:

Notice: This event is subject to cancellation no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

Conference Highlights
Contract Pay Services (MOCAS)
Vendor Pay Services will include:

  • Computerized Accounts Payable System (CAPS)
  • Enterprise Business System (EBS)
  • Integrated Accounts Payable System (IAPS)
  • Standard Accounting and Reporting System (STARS One-Pay)

Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
Roundtable Discussions
Complying with the Electronic Invoicing Mandate:

  • E-Commerce Services: Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
  • Web Invoicing System (WInS)
  • Electronic Document Imaging (EDI)
  • Electronic Document Access (EDA)
  • WAWF training session is held the following day, March 22. Seating is limited.


Ethics in Federal Procurement

Procurement integrity and conflicts of interest:

  • Cannot favor a particular vendor
  • Cannot direct a requirement to a particular vendor
  • Cannot divulge source selection information to vendors
  • Cannot accept gifts or services of any kind from vendors
  • Cannot use your position for gain at any kind (gifts, future employment, discounts)
  • Cannot do anything that gives even the appearance of favoring a particular vendor

Officials or employees of the government must not accept or agree to accept any gratuity for themselves, members of their families, or others, either directly or indirectly from any source that is engaged in or seeking business or financial relations of any sort with any DOD component. Gratuities include, money, gifts, favors, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, loans or any other tangible item, and any intangible benefits including discounts, passes and promotional vendor training given or extended to or on behalf of government personnel, their families or household for which fair market value is not paid by the recipient or the government.

Government cost estimates must be treated as confidential information for official use only. The dollar amount included on the request can be considered an official government estimate. Such estimates will not be revealed to the public until after bid opening or award. Likewise, knowledge of future procurements or intent to procure services or supplies shall not be made known to vendors. Disclosure of this information prior to bid opening or award puts contracting personnel at a disadvantage in dealing with proposed contractors and gives those potential contractors who have received the information an unfair advantage over others competing for the same work.


The Federal Acquisition and Property Plan

Part 45 is now strictly limited to requirements placed upon the government.

FAR 45.201 – Solicitation. The solicitation shall include the voluntary consensus standard or industry leading practices and standards to be used in the management of government property, or existing property management plans, methods, practices or procedures for accounting for property.

FAR 45.202 – Evaluation procedures. The contracting officer shall ensure the offeror's property management plans, methods, practices or procedures for accounting for property are consistent with the requirements of the solicitation.

FAR 52.245-1 – Government property. Basic property clause for all contractor requirements: Contractors shall establish and implement property management plans, systems and procedures at the contract, program, site or entity level to enable acquisition and property closeout.
Systems analysis. The government shall have access to the contractor's premises and all government property, at reasonable times, for the purposes of reviewing the contractor's property management plans.

Contractors manage self-assessment programs and property plans for government property under their control. More information on the Government Property Plan can be found here:


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