DFAS Open Houses and WAWF Trainings

At this time there are no more Open Houses or WAWF trainings scheduled for 2012. However, frequently view the website for scheduled 2013 dates. If you have not attended, and you have staff that deals with DFAS and WAWF, you would all greatly benefit from an Open House and WAWF Training. The event is free except for travel expenses. You will receive the latest updates for DoD vendor pay and WAWF information. Most Open House dates include an additional day of WAWF training. The Open House reaches maximum registration quickly; therefore early registration is encouraged. You can find more information on the DFAS Open Houses here: http://www.dfas.mil/contractorsvendors/openhouses.html

Upcoming DFARS Changes

Ownership of Offeror (DFARS Case 2011-D044)
DoD is proposing to amend DFARS to provide a provision for offerors, if owned or controlled by another business entity, to identify the Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code and legal name of that business entity. The ability to consistently, uniquely and easily identify owners of offerors for DoD contractors supports the implementation of business tools that will provide insight into spending patterns for entire corporations.

View the Federal Register notice for this rule here:

New Qualifying Country—Czech Republic (DFARS Case 2012-D043)
This case adds the Czech Republic as a “qualifying country” based on a new reciprocal defense procurement agreement between the Secretary of Defense and the Czech Minister of Defense that removes discriminatory barriers to procurements of supplies and services produced by the Czech Republic.

Affected parts/subparts/sections: 225.003; 225.872-1; 252.212; 252.225; PGI 204.606.

Shipping Instructions (DFARS Case 2011-D052)
Updates the form used by contractors to request shipping instructions and the associated contract clause and clause prescription to cover both commercial and government bills of lading, and to relocate the coverage within the DFARS to align with changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Affected parts/subparts/sections: Table of Contents, DFARS; 212.301; Table of Contents, part 242; 242.14; Table of Contents, part 247; 247.1; 247.101; 247.207; Table of Contents, part 252; 252.242; 252.247.

View the Federal Register notice for this rule here:

Updates to Wide Area WorkFlow (DFARS Case 2011-D027)
Updates the policies on the submission of payment requests and receiving reports in electronic format and provides new Wide Area WorkFlow payment instructions in a new clause.

Affected parts/subparts/sections: Sections 218.170; 232.7002; 232.7003; 232.7004; Table of Contents, part 252; 252.232-7003; and 252.232-7006; PGI 232.70.

View the Federal Register notice for this rule here:


The Department of Defense Contracting Officer Representative Tracking Tool (CORT Tool) is used to nominate, appoint, track, terminate and revoke an individual as the Contracting Officer Representative against a DoD contract or order. CORT allows a prospective COR to create a profile and process a nomination package for one or multiple contracts and/or orders. This tool is guided by the Section 813 Contracting Integrity Panel and is available to all DOD members.

eSRS Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System

eSRS uses DoD organizational information. Agency coordinators, points of contract, contracting officials and designated government users have access to the system, however some access may be limited. An Individual Subcontract Report (ISR) is required by the prime contractor and subcontractor unless it is not required under Commercial Subcontract Plans or DoD Comprehensive Subcontracting Plans. ISRs are submitted semiannually for DoD during contract performance for reporting periods ending March 31 and September 30. Final reports are required within 30 days of contractor’s completion of subcontract obligations.

Prime contractors submit an ISR in eSRS for each contract with an Individual Subcontract Plan. The next lower-tier subs are required to provide a prime contract number, DUNS#, name and contract information. The subcontractor should submit ISR to the contractor which awarded subcontract. It is important that the subcontractor includes the correct email address of the person that is responsible in the ISR. This will guarantee the person responsible will have access to see the report.

Tips for DoD contractors submitting subcontracting reports and DoD subcontracting can be found here:

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