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Date Event Location Type
01/20/2016 Webinar: How Much Credit Should You Grant Your Customers? - NACM Webinar
01/21/2016 Webinar: The Legal, Credit & Collection Environments in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela - FCIB Webinar
02/03/2016 Webinar: How to Find, Hire and Manage a Lawyer: 10 Questions You Must Ask - NACM Webinar
02/08/2016 Avoiding Commercially Useful Function Investigations and Penalties While Doing Business with Disadva - NACM Teleconference
02/10/2016 Webinar: Bankruptcy Rumblings: How To Best Position Your Company in Advance of Customer Bankruptcy - NACM Webinar
02/17/2016 Webinar: Essential Skills for Credit Leadership - NACM Webinar
02/24/2016 Webinar: Fraudulent Transfers – Understanding the Players, Tracing Assets, and Getting Paid - NACM Webinar
03/07/2016 Webinar: Creating an Advantageous Partnership for Both Credit and Sales - NACM Webinar
03/09/2016 Webinar: Credit Applications – Getting It Right from the Start So You Get Paid! - NACM Webinar
03/14/2016 Certification Exam Date: March 14, 2016 - Certification Exam Schedule
03/14/2016 Webinar: Legal Options for Dealing with Delinquent Customers - NACM Webinar
03/23/2016 Webinar: The Importance of Generating Cash Flow - NACM Webinar
04/04/2016 Mind Your T's & C's - NACM Teleconference
04/11/2016 Webinar: How To Effectively Manage Teams from a Distance - NACM Webinar
04/18/2016 Certification Paperwork Deadline: April 18, 2016 - Credit Congress Only - Certification Exam Schedule

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