First Year GSCFM Program Materials

Welcome to the NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management. This link will house all of your course materials. Below you will find all of the course materials for your sessions.

Your schedules, course documents and outlines are posted below. I will bring a printed binder with the materials for the Financial Reporting & Analysis session. However, if you prefer any of the materials on a paper, feel free to print the material. The entire campus is wifi enabled so you will be able to access the materials if you bring your laptop/tablet to class.

2015 Year 1 Schedule


GSCFM Year 1           GSCFM Year 2           GSCFMI

GSCFM Instructor Roster      

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis


Buy Smart Company 2015

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis RSKIA

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Prework: Please review the Case Assignment: Moore’s Pool Supplies included in the Syllabus



Income Statement Structure

Cash Flow Statement

Financial Analysis

Cash Flow Construction

Cash Flow Analysis

Introduction to Legal Issues in Credit

No materials at this time.

Successful Presentation Skills

Prework / Assignment

Introduction Letter

Please come prepared to make 2 two-minute presentations, one personal and one professional. Due to time limit, you may not use PowerPoint.

Please make sure you watch all video links (included in the introduction letter) before class.


Successful Presentation Skills Handout

“Secrets for Successful Presentations” booklet – Read through booklet.

Corporate Strategy

Prework: Please review the Readings and Cases and the you tube video on Netflix.


Ecosystem Strategy Presentation


Case: Netflix

Reading: What is Strategy?

Case: Cola Wars continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010

Reading: How Industry Forces Shape Strategy

Reading: The Core Competence of the Corporation

Case: Barnes & Noble: Managing the e-book Revolution

Reading: Strategy as ecology

Reading: The Strategic Value of API's

Netxlix Video



Prework: Please read and come prepared to discuss The Irwin Guide to Using The Wall Street Journal by Michael Lehman



Session 1: Economic Growth

Session 2: Output Efficiency and Costs

Session 3: Consumer Demand

Session 4: Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy

Updated Charts from The Irwin Guide to Using the Wall Street Journal


The Irwin Guide to Using The Wall Street Journal by Michael Lehman

Body Language - Joint Session with Year 2 Students

Prime yourself for our class with these informative, inspirational, and fun videos.Janine Driver's, job is to INSPIRE you to look at the world in a different way. Get EXCITED about how this will IMPACT your life.

Fun quiz - Are you a detecting deception super hero just yet?

Please watch the baseline video where Chris is telling the truth. Then watch the two other videos and try to see which one is a lie.

Managing Credit Laws


Proper and Legal Credit Decision Issues

UCC – The Practical Application of Article 9

An Overview of Bankruptcy from a Creditor's Perspective

Privacy Issues/Identity Theft/ Red Flags Program

Supplemental Resources

The NACM Resource Library has many materials that you will find useful while you are preparing for your CCE Exam and working on your GSCFM Group Project. You can find more materials on the NACM Resource Library.

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