Second Year GSCFM Program Materials

We are pleased that you will be returning to NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management. This webpage will house all of your course materials. Feel free to print the material or bring your laptop/tablet to class.

Your schedule, class documents and outlines are posted below. All hard copy materials will be sent out shortly.

2015 Year 2 Schedule


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GSCFM Instructor Roster         

Advanced Negotiations

Two Kinds of People You Should Never Negotiate With

All material will be distributed in class

Financial Warnings


The Financial Numbers Game

Seeking Sustainable Cash Flow

Review the Buy Smart case





Capitalized Costs

Misreported Assets

Management Fraud

Creative Cash Flow

CFO Magazine Article: Harder to Recognize

Legal Environment of Credit

Presentation will be distributed in class

Antitrust Quick Guide

Bankruptcy Supplement

Bankruptcy – New Value Analysis

Bankruptcy – Ordinary Course of Business Analysis

Bankruptcy – Proof of claim form

Quick Guide to Credit Issues

Sample Unconditional Personal Guaranty

Sample Cross-Corporate Guaranty

Sample Limited Liability Company Guaranty

Sample Red Flags Program

Sample Long Form Security Agreement

Sample Short Form Purchase Money Security Agreement

Sample Consignment Agreement

Sample Promissory Note

Sample Subordination Agreement

Altman Scoring Models & Credit Markets

Prework: Come to class ready to discuss Chapters 6-9 and 11-14 of Ed Altman's book.


A Note on Credit Market Bubbles

Corporate Credit Scoring Models with GTI


"Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy" by Ed Altman

Becoming Masterful Influences

Prework: Read "Sweating Bullets" and "The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High Performing Leader"

Complete the Behavioral Intelligence Profile online
Response link: 246422BDM




"The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High Performing Leader" by Ron Price & Randy Lisk

"Sweating Bullets" by Dale Dixon

Feedback- Guidelines for Giving and Receiving

NACM Behaviors Presentation

Body Language – Joint Session with Year 1 Students

Presentation will be distributed in class

Supplemental Resources

The NACM Resource Library has many materials that you will find useful while you are preparing for your CCE Exam and working on your GSCFM Group Project. You can find more materials on the NACM Resource Library.


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