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Sheryl Rasmussen (CBA of the Year Award)

Robert Verhage (CBA of the Year Award)

Myra Kingstad (CBF of the Year Award)

Pamela Craik (CCE of the Year Award)

JoAnn Malz (CCE of the Year Award)

Scott Chase (Instructor of the Year Award)

Jeff Hawkins (Instructor of the Year Award)

Sheila Prince (Student of the Year Award)

Angie Monroe (Student of the Year Award)

Jerry Drake(Mentor of the Year Award)

Pat Spargur (Mentor of the Year Award)

Honors & Awards Archive

Over the years, the National Association of Credit Management Honors and Awards have become an important mechanism by which we recognize our colleagues for the outstanding efforts they have made on behalf of the credit profession. Below find out more about our Honors & Awards Program.
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Alice M. H. McGregor Award of Exceptional Achievement

Val Venable, CCE / 2013
The Honors and Awards Committee chose to bestow the prestigious Alice M.H. McGregor Award to Val Venable, CCE, director of credit at Ascend Performance Materials in Houston, TX.

Val is a long-time member of NACM who believes in education and commitment. This belief began when she attended her first Credit Congress in 1991 as a member of NACM Connecticut. Determined to never again be among those sitting when credential holders were asked to stand, she began her pursuit of the CCE designation, which she successfully completed by 1992. Now fully committed, she completed the NACM Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management in 1994, for which she personally paid.

Val's service to NACM has included attendance at more than 80 seminars, as panelist at several Credit Congresses and speaker at CFDD National and All South conferences. She also served as NACM Chairman for the 2001-2002 term.

Val has been a go-to expert on bankruptcy and bankruptcy reform for the NACM Government Affairs Committee for over a decade. She has testified before the U.S. Congressional committee, and co-chaired an American Bankruptcy Institute committee on NACM's behalf. Once again, this year, Val stepped up to represent NACM and unsecured creditors at a hearing of ABI's Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11 LINK TO PAGE WHEN CREATED held at Credit Congress, where she served on the panel for that presented testimony on the Bankruptcy Code's Section 547 preference provisions.

Val is currently on the NACM Gulf States Board of Directors. The June 2012 issue of Business Credit featured Val's member profile on the announcement of her selection as last year's O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction.

Phyllis Truitt, CCE /2011
Named in honor of one of NACM’s most distinguished leaders, the Alice M.H. McGregor Award recognizes an individual whose creative approaches and consistently high performance benefit and sustain his/her company, NACM affiliate, NACM-National and the business credit profession at large. The 2011 McGregor Award recipient, Phyllis Truitt, CCE of Evansville, Indiana, is well known for actively supporting NACM initiatives, regardless of size and scope, with verve and tenacity.

Among her many leadership stints within NACM, Truitt served as chairman of the NACM-National Board of Directors in 2009-2010. She also was a member of the FCIB Board of Advisors and served on and subsequently chaired the CFDD National Board of Directors. “Phyllis simply doesn’t need to ‘hold’ a position to be passionate about NACM, CFDD or FCIB. Phyllis believes in the mission and vision of NACM. She’s passionate about credit and the important role credit plays within every business,” explained NACM-National Chairman Kathleen Tomlin, CCE.

Prior to her retirement in 2010, Truitt was the director of credit and collections for Atlas Van Lines. She earned a business degree from the University of Southern Indiana in 1983. Truitt has authored several educational programs and one training manual, and continues to lead programs at NACM affiliate and CFDD chapter seminars and conferences. Additionally, she is a well-known advocate and mentor for the profession. Truitt was named the CFDD Distinguished Member in 1993 and the NACM-National Credit Executive of the Year in 2002. She also received CFDD’s highest honor, the Marilyn Daugherty Spirit Award, in 2006. Truitt now leads the Board of Trustees for NACM’s Scholarship Foundation.

Dawn Wallace Cook, CCE /2010
As the 2010 recipient, Dawn Wallace Cook has earned her peers' highest regard and respect based on her impeccable record of service to the NACM organization. In the NACM lexicon, the concept of leadership is synonymous with Dawn Wallace Cook, who has generously shared her knowledge and expertise on the local, regional and national levels. Quite simply, if a volunteer is needed for a project or assignment, regardless of scope and/or length of commitment, Wallace Cook is willing and available to dive in with enthusiasm and unwavering support.

Wallace Cook is among a select group of women who have led NACM-National. During her tenure as chairman in 2004-2005, she oversaw the reworking of the Board of Directors' composition: managers from NACM Affiliates were added to the group in order to maintain open lines of communication and to forge an enduring partnership between the National office and its affiliates. Wallace Cook's "strong leadership skills empowered her to successfully lead the National Board" through this groundbreaking change.

With an eye on the future, Wallace Cook remains an active presence; she is, in fact, running to retain a seat on the NACM Great Lakes Region Board of Directors, on which she has been serving since the early 1990s. The National Association of Credit Management warmly congratulates Ms. Wallace Cook on her receipt of the distinguished Alice M. H. McGregor Award for 2010.

Stan DeGroot, CCE /2009
Stan DeGroot, CCE, has earned the highest regard and respect from his peers based on his tireless and visionary service to the NACM organization.

DeGroot is the region controller and operations manager for WESCO Distribution, Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to his professional responsibilities, DeGroot continues to provide his brand of quiet, thoughtful and effective leadership and has graciously taken on NACM’s toughest projects—while working to understand the situation at hand and building a consensus on how to proceed.

As a mentor and well-regarded speaker, DeGroot is always giving back to the credit profession. Upon presenting the McGregor Award to DeGroot at the 2009 Credit Congress, current NACM-National Chairman Dave Beckel, CCE, noted, “People simply meet Stan’s standards and expectations because he inspires them to do more than they can, to reach deeper than they thought they could and to excel further than they ever imagined possible.”

Lowell Belk, CCE /2007
Lowell’s service to the NACM organization — locally, regionally and nationally — was tireless. Lowell served his local Affiliate, working through all of the leadership positions, serving on Committees, the Board and finally serving as Chairman of the Board. Lowell was a teacher and a mentor, speaking on the topics of credit, and bankruptcy — one of Lowell’s passions.

The people who nominated Lowell for this award really said it the best:

“I would like to believe if anyone in our profession is worthy of receiving the Alice M. H. McGregor Lifetime Achievement Award, it would be Lowell Belk. I personally have been in credit for over 20 years and he has been one of the most influential people in my career, as well as a friend. He is the type individual that always takes the time from his busy schedule to offer advice or direction in any situation imaginable. He exemplifies the type of character and class that is not found in but a select few people.”

“Lowell has been a mentor and example to many of us in the credit profession, not only in his knowledge but also his standards and ethics. He maintained a constant dedication to stay at the forefront of how technology could be used in our profession, a skill many of us lose as our years of experience grow.”

Robert M. Healy, CCE /2004
The 2004 award recipient spent his career as a credit and finance professional. His list of professional and personal accomplishments includes many years of teaching and mentoring upcoming credit professionals. You could not stand in a room with him without the conversation turning towards the value of learning and continuing adult education. He taught credit and finance through classes, seminars, numerous lectures and panels. He taught just as often, one on one, as a mentor and friend.

He served tirelessly on committee after committee, council after council and board after board. He held leadership roles in the National Association of Credit Management, the Credit Research Foundation, the National Chemical Credit Association, the NACM Chicago Midwest Credit Management Association, the National Agricultural Chemical Credit Association, the New York Petroleum Credit Group, Producers Credit, and FCIB. He served in an advisory capacity to Dun and Bradstreet and Congressman Henry Hyde of the state of Illinois. He is NACM’s honorary lifetime member, as a Past National Chairman of the Board.

As the NACM Chicago said in one article and on a plaque given to him in his honor, “With Gratitude from 50 years of colleagues.”

Donald F. Conklin / 2001
For only the third time, the National Honors and Awards Committee chose a member of the credit community on which to bestow this award. The National Honors and Awards Committee proudly recognized Donald F. Conklin as the 2001 recipient of the Alice M.H. McGregor Award.

Don Conklin is the President of NACM Business Credit Services (formerly known as NACM Western Washington-Alaska) in Seattle. His career with NACM has spanned more than thirty years. Mr. Conklin, the 1994-1995 Secretarial Council Chairman, is a vigorous proponent of continuing education, each year sponsoring the Orchid Fundraiser on behalf of Alice McGregor. His self-effacing dedication to NACM locally and nationally has earned him the praise and respect of the NACM membership and his colleagues across the country.

Jim McIntyre, CCE / 1998
The 1998 Alice McGregor Award recipient is James A. McIntyre, CCE. Having earned his CCE designation in 1992, Jim shares a lifetime of knowledge and experience in credit, acting both as a local and national instructor for NACM. He is a mentor for hundreds of credit professionals working their way through the National Certification Program. He served as the 1996-97 NACM National Chairman of the Board. He further supports NACM National through his extensive committee work.

Jim has been a member of the Forius (formerly NACM North Central) Board of Directors as well as a vigorous supporter of their educational programming. Jim raises the standard for participation, education and professional conduct for all who follow.

O.D. Glaus Jr. CCE / 1996
O.D. Glaus, Jr., CCE was honored as the first Alice McGregor Award recipient in May 1996. O.D. epitomized the spirit of the Award. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He served in both the European and Pacific theaters in World War II. After this four year’s of military service, he began his business career as a university instructor and then went on to work at Genesco, starting a 50 year relationship.

O.D. was the Chairman of NACM National from 1971-1972. He, along with a small group of his peers, organized the first NACM Legislative Conference. He was also instrumental in the development of the Certified Credit Executive designation, NACM’s highest professional certification. For his endless service locally and nationally as an instructor, committee member, board member and advisor, O.D. was awarded the 1990 National Credit Executive of the Year Award.

He is described as a true gentleman who is held in the highest esteem by his colleagues and the Association.


Welcome to our archive of award recipients.

O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award
formerly known as the National Credit Executive of the Year Award

Gary Gaudette, CCE, ICCE / 2014
Kathy Tomlin, CCE / 2013
Val Venable, CCE / 2012
Michael Puccinelli, CCE / 2011
David Beckel, CCE / 2010
David Watson, CCE / 2009
George Schnupp, CCE / 2008
Curt Rothlisberger, CCE, CICE / 2007
Gary White, CCE / 2006
Leslie Reedy, CCE / 2005
Lloyd Riffer, CCE / 2004
Ronnie Archer, CCE / 2003
Phyllis Truitt, CCE / 2002
Mark Borofsky, CCE / 2001
Dawn Wallace Cook, CCE / 2000
Marjorie Dyrnes, CCE / 1999
Thomas Shimko, CCE / 1998
Jack Clark, CCE / 1997
Betty Wysocki, CCE / 1996
LeeAnn Garrington, CCE / 1995
Jack Tobin, CCE / 1994

CBA Designation of Excellence Award

Sheryl Rasmusson, CBA / 2014
Caron Munsen, CBA / 2013
Karol Saito, CBA / 2012
Kathy Antoine, CBA / 2011
Mary M. Reschke, CBA / 2010
Erin Doll, CBA / 2009
Patty Fullmer, CBA / 2008
Mary Moore, CBA / 2007
Cindy Jaeger, CBF / 2006
Ernie Daigle, CBA / 2005
Shane Inglesby, CCE / 2004
Mary "Terri" Downing, CBA / 2003
Kathy Hicks, CBA / 2002
Kim Sizemore, CCE / 2001
Brett Hanft, CBA / 2000
Kevin Burke, CBA / 1999

CBF Designation of Excellence Award

Myra, Kingstad, CBF / 2014
Hector Benitez, CBF / 2013
D'Ann Johnson, CBF / 2012
Donald Kruggel, CBF / 2011
Michelle A. Cleaver, CBF / 2010
DeAnna Stock, CBF / 2009
Cynthia Jaeger, CBF / 2008
Janae Jeffs, CBF / 2007
Lourdes Mulligan, CBF / 2006
Barbara Davis, CBF / 2005
Mary Alice Campbell, CBF / 2004
Laurie Farvour, CBF / 2003
Janis Lucas, CCE / 2002
Heidi Lindgren-Boyce, CCE / 2001
Robin Ashburn, CBF / 2000
Kay Erbes, CBF / 1999

CCE Designation of Excellence Award

Pamela Craik, CCE / 2014
Ron Sereika, CCE / 2013
Heidi Lindgren-Boyce, CCE / 2012
Shera “Sheila” Roames, CCE / 2011
Barbara A. Condit, CCE / 2010
Toni Drake, CCE / 2009
John Jaeger, CCE / 2008
Paulyne VanderSloot, CCE / 2007
Valerie Venable, CCE / 2006
Kevin Burke, CCE & Posthumous recognition of Jeris Baldwin, CCE / 2005
Eddy Sumar, CCE / 2004
Jeff O'Banion, CCE / 2003
Kim Lancaster, CCE / 2002
Sherry Wood, CCE / 2001
Patricia Fenn, CCE / 2000
C. Edward Frermann, CCE / 1999

Mentor of the Year Award

Patrick Spargur, ICCE / 2014
Stacey Smythe, CCE / 2013
Larry O'Brien, CCE / 2012
Gwendolyn Stroops, CCE / 2011
Shane Inglesby, CCE / 2010
Connie Steed, CCE / 2009
Phil Klikas, Ph.D. / 2008
Carolyn Pavlovsky, CCE / 2007
Alice White, MCE / 2006
Jeff O'Banion, CCE / 2005
Bonnie Snider, CCE / 2004
Linda Bost, CCE / 2003
Leslie Reedy, CCE / 2002
Betsy Paul, CCE / 2001

Instructor of the Year Award

Jeffrey Hawkins, CCE / 2014
Douglas Darrington, CCE / 2013
Duane Schwartz, CCE / 2012
Gwendolyn Stroops, CCE / 2011
Ronald A. Sereika, CCE, CEW / 2010
John R. Zummo, CCE / 2010
Debie Wangsgard, CCE / 2009
Susan Lujan, CCE / 2008
John Jaeger, CCE / 2007
Cliff Gladys, CCE / 2006
Jim Montague, CCE / 2005
M. Leigh Johnson / 2004
Joanne Simone / 2003
Walt Jensen, CCAE / 2002
Pamela Vandivier, CCE / 2001
Jim McIntyre, CCE and George Schnupp, CCE / 2000
Dr. George Gallinger / 1999

Student of the Year Award

Angie Monroe, CBA / 2014
Denise Moller, CCE, ICCE / 2013
Jason Sanborn, CBA / 2012
Shane Norman, CCE / 2011
Beth Voecks, CBA / 2010
Krista Miller, CBA / 2009
Julie Putman, CBA / 2008
Barbara Mackay / 2007
Joyce Williams, CBF / 2006
Marianne Maddox, CBA / 2005
Lori Morrison, CBF / 2004
Jeremy Keenan, CBA / 2003
Luzia Hamlin, CCE / 2002
Tamara McCourt, CCE / 2001
Eddy Sumar, CCE / 2000
Nancy Strader, CCE / 1999

Strength in Numbers Recognition Award

Mike Brittain, CAE / 2008
Chuck Monson, CCE & Phyllis Truitt, CCE / 2007
Dick Kaufman, CAE, Sheryl Mott, & Logan Bagley, CCE / 2005
Mary Hartfiel, Wanda Borges / 2004
G. Gallinger, Betty McDonald, Bruce Nathan / 2003

Best Article of the Year Award

Lloyd Eichorn, CCE / 2007
Norman Cowie, CCE / 2006
Michael Dennis, CBF / 2005
Jerry Drake, CCE & Norman Taylor, CCE / 2004
Eddy Sumar, CCE / 2003
Tamara McCourt, CCE / 2002

Honors & Awards 

Over the years, the National Association of Credit Management Honors and Awards have become an important mechanism by which we recognize our colleagues for the outstanding efforts they have made on behalf of the credit profession. Below find out more about our Honors & Awards Program.


Do you know anyone working in the field of credit management whose professional life displays unquestioned integrity, outstanding and meritorious service in the field, and ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the credit management profession?

Click below to nominate a special credit professional.
Application Period: November 10 – December 19

Award Details

O. D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction

In February 2010, a revered leader and visionary within NACM, O. D. Glaus, passed away. NACM can think of no better way to both memorialize and honor O.D. than to continually identify and honor those that reflect his vision, energy, commitment and love for the credit profession. Therefore, in May 2010, the National Honors & Awards Committee, with an endorsement from the National Board of Directors, renamed the National Credit Executive Award the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction.

As with the National Credit Executive Award, the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction seeks to acknowledge exemplary professionals within the field of credit. The nomination criteria have been honed to seek those that emulate O.D.'s legacy. The award will be bestowed annually in tribute to O.D. and to recognize remarkable professionals within the NACM organization.

Designation of Excellence Awards

The Designation of Excellence Awards were created to honor designation holders at three distinct levels: the CBA, CBF and CCE. Each honoree must have an unrelenting pursuit of excellence through enhanced and improved knowledge. Equally important is the desire to share that knowledge through speaking, teaching or mentoring.

NACM Instructor and Student of the Year Awards

The NACM Instructor of the Year is a person who is not only passionate about sharing their hard-earned knowledge, but also challenging their students for more. The NACM Student of the Year is a person who takes the challenge of hard work, compounded with work, family, professional and civic responsibilities, head on.

Mentor of the Year

Mentor of the Year is a person who is defined as a wise and trusted teacher or guide. For some, guiding, nurturing and motivating those in need is innate.

Strength in Numbers Recognition Award NACM’s strength is in its numbers: Members are the foundation of every association. The NACM Strength in Numbers Awards honor individuals who have given so much to our association. These strong leaders have helped shape our organization, whether through service as a staff member, an Affiliate Manager or an expert outside of the membership arena.

GSCFM Awards

NACM’s Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management awards the programs high achievers every year. Click here to view our 2014 GSCFM Award recipients.

Alice M. H. McGregor Award of Exceptional Achievement

alice mcgregor

This award memorializes one of NACM’s great leaders, Alice M. H. McGregor, CCE.

In her honor, this highly prestigious award recognizes creative approaches and consistently high performance by credit practitioners that benefit the recipient’s company, affiliate, the national organization and the business credit profession. Alice M. H. McGregor award recipients serve as role models; they are leaders rather than followers, set standards for others, and apply their professional expertise outside of their companies.

You need only to look at Alice’s vast and reaching accomplishments to understand what embodies this award: Alice was educated at Edinburgh Business College and the London Graduate School of Business. She was the first woman to receive the CCE designation and graduated from NACM’s Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management in 1978.

She joined Puget Sound Salvage & Equipment Company in the credit department, and by the time it became known as Pacific Industrial Supply Company, she was a co-owner. Ultimately, Alice became the President of Pacific Industrial Supply Company.

She was well known for her dedicated service within her local Affiliate, NACM Business Credit Services in Seattle, Washington, where she was a member for 29 years. She served in many volunteer capacities, including Chairman. She led many seminars, sharing her knowledge and expertise, and was a mentor to everyone she knew. In 1985, NACM Seattle honored her as their Credit Executive of the Year.

She was a leading figure in NACM-CFDD Seattle and was named Credit Woman of the year in 1976. Alice served as National Chairman from 1989 to 1990. When asked about the secret to her success, Alice would always simply say, “hard work.”

View the past recipients.


2014 Recipients

O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award

gary-gaudette This year's O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction is Gary Gaudette, CCE, ICCE of Hanover, New Hampshire. Gaudette is senior treasury analyst at Hypertherm, Inc. in Hanover. Founded in 1968, Hypertherm specializes in industrial cutting that includes new plasma, laser and waterjet technologies and services. 

Gaudette has been active in the credit field for many years and is a member of NACM New England, an NACM affiliate. As Brandy Sailer-Dow, CICP, receivables specialist, accounting services at Hypertherm, said, "He feels strongly that continuing education is vital to every credit professional's success. He is always available to answer questions and discuss ideas."

Gaudette is an alumnus of NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management (GSCFM), a certification program that endorses its achievers as capable of managing the credit function at an executive level in the areas of accounting, finance, domestic and international credit concepts, management and law. The program is held each year on the campus of Dartmouth College. In addition, he is an alumnus of Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, where he earned his BS in Management and MBA in Leadership.

His impressive level of volunteering extends to currently serving on the NACM National Board of Directors and the New England Region Board, where he is advisor to the chair and previously held positions as vice chair and director. In addition, he is an active member of NACM's international division, the Finance, Credit and International Business Association (FCIB).

Community involvement is very important to Gaudette resulting in his serving on the boards of organizations such as the United Way, the Mascoma Lake Association, the Enfield Conservation Commission, the Enfield Village Association, Hypertherm HOPE and also serving as a Junior Achievement teacher.

Designation of Excellence Awards

pamela-craikCCE Designation of Excellence Award
Pamela Craik, CCE

The CCE Designation of Excellence Award was presented to Pamela Craik, CCE of West Sacramento, California. Craik is the area credit manager at McKeeson Corporation of West Sacramento, a company founded in 1833 that supplies branded, generic and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to more than 40,000 customers spanning retail chains, independent retail pharmacies and institutional providers such as hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks and long-term care providers.
Craik has been a credit professional for many years. "She is a highly recognized achiever at McKesson," said Karen Schmidt, VP RX Ownership, McKesson Corporation. "Not only does she exceed expected goals and challenges in the credit and finance department, but she is respected by peers, sales and operations departments, and is the go-to person for many financial matters from high level executives." At McKesson she mentored two assistants to earn their CBA designations showing her dedication to education in the field of credit. Personally, she has earned her Credit Business Associate (CBA) and Credit Business Fellow (CBF) in addition to the Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation.

Her impressive level of volunteering extends to serving as director, CMA Board of Directors from 2013-2014 for the NACM affiliate, the Certified Management Association (CMA). In addition, she was also chair and vice chair for the Northern CA Drug and Healthcare Group and chair for the Sacramento Credit Professional Group. On the local level, she participates in the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce and Gold Oak Union School District.

myra-kingstadCBF Designation of Excellence Award
Myra, Kingstad, CBF

The CBF Designation of Excellence Award singles out an individual who is committed to moving forward in his or her profession through continuing education. The recipient is devoted to the credit profession and strives to excel within the credit community. Myra, Kingstad, CBF of Waukesha, Wisconsin was presented with this year's award.

Kingstad has been at Walter USA since 2007, where in her own words, she likes "troubleshooting, challenges and working with customers." In her association with NACM Midwest-Wisconsin, the local affiliate of NACM, she serves as vice chair of the Advisory Board. Her impressive level of volunteering extends to her membership in the National Association of Professional Women and working with political and charitable groups.

"In all aspects, Myra is committed to the tenets of lifelong learning and professional development," said Phil Lattanzio, CCE, president, NACM Midwest-Wisconsin. In pursuit of furthering her education, she has attended several conferences, webinars and seminars including those highlighting international business topics. In 2009, she earned her CBA, the first step on the credit management designation ladder before going on to earn her CBF designation in 2010.

sheryl-rasmussonCBA Designation of Excellence Award
Sheryl Rasmusson, CBA
Sheryl Rasmusson, CBA of Spokane Valley, Washington is this year's CBA Designation of Excellence award winner. Rasmusson is the office manager at Kilgore Architectural Products, Inc. of Spokane Valley, a commercial contractor specializing in translucent and metal panels, sunshades, architectural louvers, glass canopies and skylights serving Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

While at Kilgore, Rasmusson has handled all office management responsibilities with an emphasis on credit functions. She is a very active member of the NACM Affiliate, NACM Inland Northwest (NACM INW), serving on its Board of Directors and various committees and task forces. She is currently chairman elect and ready to take the chair position in 2015.

Rasmusson is very proud of her CBA designation which she earned in 2011 through online and self-study programs offered by NACM. "She is a huge advocate for the scholarship program and what it means to those working toward their accreditation," said Jennifer Walsh, CBF, president Honors and Awards Committee, NACM Inland Northwest "She is constantly sharing her experiences on earning her CBA with others and telling them the positive changes it created for her personally and professionally."

Mentor of the Year

patrick-spargurCongratulations to Patrick Spargur, ICCE of Las Vegas, Nevada on receiving the Mentor of the Year Award. Spargur is credit manager at Global Experience Specialists, Inc. of Las Vegas, a worldwide event marketing company specializing in connecting people through live events.

Patrick Spargur is recognized for promoting continuing education and participation in his NACM affiliate, Credit Management Association (CMA) and in his industry trade association, the Gaming Credit Group where he served as group chair from 2011-2014.

"Patrick is willing to sacrifice his time, both work and personal, to teach and enhance the knowledge of his staff and peers in the profession of commercial credit," said Gent Culver, CICP, manager, credit and collections, Investor Relations and Treasury, International Gaming Technology. "He has an 'open door' policy, making himself available at all counsel fellow employees on life issues, helping them and guiding them through personal problems." Marcus Valerio, controller-Americas at Gaming Partners International USA, Inc. said that Spargur "goes out of his way to help with problems, questions and sometimes with general life issues."

Instructor of the Year

jeff-hawkinsJeffrey Hawkins, CCE of Lauderdale, Minnesota is this year's Instructor of the Year award winner. Hawkins is the assistant credit manager at Ferguson Enterprises Inc. of Roseville, a diverse wholesale distributor of residential and commercial plumbing supplies including pipes, valves, fittings, and heating and cooling equipment, serving customers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico since 1953.

For many years, Hawkins has been an instructor and mentor for continuing education classes for Forius NACM North Central, an NACM affiliate. "Jeff's commitment to his students is evident in their successful accomplishment of attaining their CBA credentials," said Toni Nuernberg, CAE, CBA, president/COO of Forius NACM North Central. "Not only does he come to each and every class prepared, but he works between classes to respond to each student's questions or needs to assure everyone successfully completes the course."

"Jeff is passionate about teaching and is committed to his students," said Duane Schwartz, CCE, corporate credit and collections manager of the Tile Shop. "He continually promotes the credit profession and the importance of continuing education and networking."

Student of the Year

angie-monroeThis year's Student of the Year award recipient, Angie Monroe, CBA, of St. George, Utah is a credit analyst at Roofers Supply, Inc. of St. George, a family-owned and operated wholesale supplier of roofing products since 1994, selling to homeowners, contractors and commercial roofing companies.

Pursuing professional development in a post-recession landscape can be a challenge. For Angie Monroe, attending Stevens-Henager College, meant fulfilling her dream of earning her BA in Accounting in May. In the field of credit management, Monroe earned her NACM Credit Business Associate (CBA) in 2011. The CBA designation is NACM's initial professional certification. Individuals earn the CBA by successfully completing three business credit courses (Basic Financial Accounting, Business Credit Principles and Financial Statement Analysis) and then passing a related exam. Over the years, Monroe has also taken several continuing education courses. In Monroe's own words, "NACM is amazing and I love furthering my horizons. I could not have asked for a better experience. I've enjoyed the professional designation path. I've acquired a lot of knowledge and it's been a challenge."

Monroe's career in credit began in 2006 at Roofers Supply as a credit manager, moving up to credit analyst in 2010. She is a member of the Southern Utah Contractors & Building Trades Suppliers Industry Credit Group, serving as chairperson from 2011-2012. Her volunteering at the local level includes raising funds for cancer awareness and combating teenage drug problems.

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