Membership Benefits

Immediate Reports on Fraud and Business Credit Fraud: Once the APG receives critical information and intelligence from a member, a comprehensive investigation begins to determine the merits of the complaint. Once the allegations have been verified, we immediately issue an alert to our membership. All information received from a reporting member immediately becomes a part of our database for future reference. All members with fraud-related information are highly encouraged to contact the APG immediately.

Each report issued by APG is a request for the experience of our members. Feedback from the membership is critical and essential for APG to fully develop a strong case. Your information may be the vital link for a successful prosecution.

Access to NACM’s APG Database: APG’s investigative expertise is complemented by its SEARCH database. This database, unmatched by any in the United States, contains thousands of names, addresses, aliases, and associates of those involved in business credit and financial frauds since the early 1980s.

By using SEARCH, the APG has assisted the FBI, the Postal Inspection Service, and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies in the successful prosecution of white-collar criminals. APG has also assisted law enforcement agencies in the compilation of significant background information on white-collar criminals, which is unavailable in traditional law enforcement databases.

Members have unlimited desktop access to our SEARCH database to independently research potential business partners. Searches can be conducted by various keywords including names, addresses, telephone numbers or other keywords relevant to you.

APG Staff: With years of expertise in credit fraud risk management, the APG staff is fully trained in business credit fraud investigations. We encourage our members to call on us to assist in any way possible. Allow us to provide you with the proper information so that you can make intelligent business decisions on a potential business partner. The staff of the APG maintains strong working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. In the event your company is a victim of business credit fraud, we will work as a liaison to ensure that a properly investigated case file is packaged and presented to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Networking: In addition to its numerous law enforcement contacts, APG has access to a nationwide network of credit managers through its affiliates and members of the National Association of Credit Management.

This network, as well as APG's reputation in the field of asset protection, enables APG to develop information quickly and efficiently that may otherwise be unattainable through any other means.

In addition to its relationship with the NACM Affiliates, APG also has a strong working relationship with many outside industry credit groups and other private asset protection, anti-fraud and security organizations.

NACM's Business Credit Magazine: Members receive NACM's monthly magazine that provides a wide assortment of educational material regarding asset protection, credit management, finance, risk management and more.

Other Services: The Asset Protection Group also offers enterprise level consulting services to our members at highly competitive rates. We utilize numerous research tools and databases only available to security and investigative personnel to efficiently and effectively return the results our members need. Allow the APG to leverage our contacts and resources to ensure that your assets remain protected!

Integrity of Information: All information that is provided in a report is independently verified by APG. This is important for several reasons: First, to ensure that the reports are absolutely credible; and second to protect the member and APG from potential liability.

In some instances, suspicious information or data submitted by a member to APG of a potential business partner may not be verifiable. APG will not report any information that cannot be independently verified. APG reports only facts to our membership, with no judgments or personal opinions about the business in question.

Credit Decisions: The APG will never make recommendations to a member company to extend or deny credit. This decision is the sole and exclusive responsibility of each individual member.

Member and APG Communication: We encourage continuous dialogue and exchange of information with our member companies. Information received by APG is maintained in the strictest of confidence. No one, with the exception of law enforcement, has access to any information we receive.

Because of the broad scope of our membership, APG gathers information on a wide variety of suspect businesses. Some reports may not be applicable to your customer base. However, the reports that are relevant will pay big dividends. The advantage of a broad-based national database is that it enables credit managers to learn when a fraud operator converts to a new target industry. While networks exist within industries, APG is the only known network that crosses industry groups, as fraud artists often do.

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