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The National Association of Credit Management Honors NACM Rhode Island and Southeastern New England

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Columbia, MD: June 13, 2011-The National Association of Credit Management has recognized NACM Rhode Island and Southeastern New England as the Group Four Membership Award Winner for fiscal year 2010. The affiliate was honored during NACM-National's 115th Annual Credit Congress, which was held in Nashville, Tennessee, May 22-25, 2011.

NACM Rhode Island and Southeastern New England is among the 46 NACM Affiliates that provide targeted, cost-effective receivables management services for credit and finance professionals. These include credit reports covering both businesses and owners; collections resources; credit industry groups; and solutions for creditors working with financially distressed businesses, such as out-of-court arrangements, compromise settlements and liquidation.

Credit Departments Still Operate in a 'Do More with Less' Environment

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Columbia, MD: April 7, 2011-While the most recent employment reports showed a number of notable job gains, a majority of credit departments said their companies are not hiring, or planning to hire, any new credit staff in the near future. In the most recent National Association of Credit Management (NACM) monthly survey, when asked "Is your company hiring, or planning on hiring, new credit staff?" 76% of respondents answered "no." Only 19% of respondents answered "yes" and the remaining 5% weren't sure. Many participants who noted their companies would be hiring credit staff in the near future commented that this was often to replace other staff members who were leaving or retiring.

Economy Still Top Concern for Credit Professionals

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February 15, 2011: Columbia, MD-"The state and future of the economy" was the most popular answer in the National Association of Credit Management's (NACM) Monthly Survey for January, which asked "As a credit professional, what are your biggest concerns for 2011?"

Nearly 40% of respondents voiced their ongoing concern with the state of the economy, while the next most popular answer, "slow payment, delinquencies and general customer creditworthiness," received 22% of the votes. Another 10% of participants said their greatest concern was "larger companies dictating unfavorable terms," while 7% said they were most worried about their "job security or the future of [their] career."

Bay Area Credit Professional Mike Mino Named Chairman of the Board of Advisors for FCIB

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Columbia, MD: February 11, 2011-Michael Mino, CCE, the director of global trade credit for Oracle Corporation, is the newly named chairman of the board of advisors for FCIB, an Association for Professionals in Finance, Credit and International Business.

Accurate CMI Readings Show Worth of Credit Department

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Columbia, Maryland: January 26, 2011-News outlets heavily covered the National Bureau of Economic Research's (NBER's) announcements of when the recession began and when it mercifully ended. December 2007 was the official start date, giving a green light to negative GDP growth, increased investor anxiety and swift political action. Three months prior to the recession's official start, a sizeable contingent of credit professionals sat down at their computers and participated in one of a series of surveys conducted by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM).

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