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May Credit Managers' Index Increases, Signals Continued Recovery

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After accurately predicting economic weakness in the first quarter of 2014, the National Association of Credit Management's monthly economic report improved in May, suggesting further recovery and stronger GDP figures in the second quarter, barring any unforeseen shocks.

Columbia, Maryland: May 30, 2014—The Credit Managers' Index (CMI), issued by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), improved from 56 to 56.8 in May. This marks the second consecutive month of improvement for the index, further signaling the end of the first quarter's economic turmoil that appears to have been primarily caused by bad weather. Elsewhere in the May CMI report, the favorable factors index rose from 60.7 to 62.7, buoyed by a strong increase in sales, and the unfavorable factors index remained unchanged at 52.8, held back by a perplexing increase in disputes.

Earlier in the 2014 the CMI predicted poor economic performance in the first quarter with a short series of declines that was eventually reflected in the US Commerce Department's recent revision of the US gross domestic product (GDP) figures, which indicated that the economy had endured negative growth at a rate of 1% for the first three months of the year. Recent CMI readings, however, have supported the hypothesis that analysts can expect the second quarter data to be much more positive.

Small Businesses Get More Choices, Better Access to Data as NACM Preferred Partner Program Grows

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With 10 companies now integrating the data contained in NACM’s National Trade Credit Report into their receivables management platforms, it’s easier than ever for small businesses to find the right partner that helps them make smarter credit decisions. 

Columbia, MD: May 15, 2014—The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) announced today that its Preferred Partner Program has grown to include a total of 10 companies. Each of these providers of receivables management software has integrated NACM's National Trade Credit Report (NTCR) into their systems, making it easier than ever for companies, especially small businesses, to use and contribute data to the report.

NACM President Robin Schauseil, CAE noted that it was fitting for NACM and the Preferred Partner Program to have hit this milestone just ahead of National Small Business Week. "Small businesses continue to be stretched thin by the demands of today's economy, and there's no better way for these companies to reduce the time it takes them to make smart, profitable credit decisions than by enlisting the help of one of NACM's Preferred Partners," Schauseil said. "Not only do these providers offer world-class customer service, they also empower businesses by making it easier to contribute to and use the NTCR, a peerless risk analysis tool that combines trade payment data, days beyond terms and public record data into one convenient credit risk analysis tool."

"More partners mean more ways for companies to contribute their trade data, which ultimately means more value for NTCR. NACM is thrilled to have added 10 solution providers to its list of Preferred Partners already and looks forward to adding even more in the future," she added.

NACM Releases 2014 Issue Brief in Conjunction with National Small Business Week

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Latest version of the commercial credit industry's policy priorities includes updated section on consumer and commercial credit reporting and all-new construction law positions.

Columbia, MD: May 13, 2014—The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) released the latest edition of its Legislative Introduction and Issue Brief today, in conjunction with National Small Business Week. In addition to reiterating its suggested reforms to make the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process work better for commercial trade creditors and smaller companies, NACM's 2014 Issue Brief also includes an updated, expanded section on the important differences between consumer and commercial credit reporting and an all-new section detailing NACM's first-ever positions on reforming construction law in order to better enable small businesses to participate and grow through both public and private construction projects.

"During Small Business Week last year, NACM released the 'Commercial Credit Reporting: What Every Company Needs to Know' fact sheet, which was designed to give smaller companies the information they needed to manage and grow their company's own commercial credit profile, and how this type of credit differs from its consumer counterpart," said NACM President Robin Schauseil, CAE. "This year NACM's Issue Brief charges lawmakers to recognize these same differences, so that when they attempt to enact legislation that regulates the vital resource of business credit information, they do so in such a way that doesn't limit the exchange of this data, which does nothing less than fuel the majority of business commerce."

HighRadius and NACM Raise the Bar with Commercial Credit Integration

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NACM Preferred Partner HighRadius brings the power of industry credit reports directly into credit management to automate manual work, streamlines processes and reduce risk. 

Columbia, MD: May 8, 2014—HighRadius Corporation, a leading provider of financial supply chain management (FSCM) solutions, and the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), a leading resource for credit and financial management information and education, are proud to announce the completion and go-live of HighRadius’ extensive integration of NACM’s commercial credit reporting services.

This innovative integration automatically parses incoming NACM data and pulls it directly into credit workflows, allowing members to isolate, weigh, score, track and trend virtually any variable they require. No longer is the member looking at a simple credit report, rather, they are leveraging the collective experience of their fellow NACM members within their industry group, across the United States and in growing numbers internationally. Key integration functionality includes account monitoring, alerts, batch processing of credit scores, full reports and, most recently, data reporting to NACM’s National Trade Credit Report (NTCR).

“HighRadius raised the bar with the wide array of information our members can obtain through automation and use to directly drive their credit management activities,” said Bill Meeker, Chairman and CEO of NACM Tampa, Inc. “The deep integration with HighRadius’ configurable products reduces not only the time and cost of incorporating NACM information into credit workflows, but also the resources needed to share data with the National Trade Credit Report database.”

National Association of Credit Management Selects TermSync as New Preferred Partner

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Columbia, MD: May 5, 2014— TermSync, Inc. was recently selected as the latest addition to the National Association of Credit Management’s (NACM’s) Preferred Partner Program. NACM created the Preferred Partner Program to capitalize on the incredible array of new and improved technology that has been steadily adopted by their member base over the last several years. Partnering with TermSync extends NACM's reach by surfacing the association’s capabilities and many benefits to a large number of users not yet familiar with NACM.

Introduction to and immersion in NACM typically begins with its members participating in industry trade credit groups, where they learn that the easy and efficient exchange of information becomes a critical component of success. The NACM/TermSync partnership will enable users to leverage TermSync’s accounts receivable management platform to extract and report their accounts receivable data as well as gain access to the NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR), which will provide a significantly higher return on investment and level of participation in these groups.

TermSync’s cloud-based platform helps companies get paid faster, reduce administrative costs and improve customer relationships. It works with existing accounting systems and can be up and running in a day or less. Companies can choose from various modules including invoice delivery, customer portals, collection workflow management and advanced reporting and analytics. Currently over 150,000 organizations use TermSync to either pay bills, get paid or both.

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