Introducing the NACM National Membership

The NACM National Membership is designed to reward and assist national companies, with decentralized operations and holding memberships with multiple NACM Affiliated Associations, with reduced membership pricing and single invoice management and reporting.

The NACM National Membership is based on a "per representative" model, featuring a flat, per representative fee of $225. The membership dues invoice and representative changes will be managed by NACM; NACM will communicate representative changes with the Affiliates.

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The NACM National Membership works on an annual fee basis; once paid, no refunds can be made although substitutions for representatives may be made throughout the year. The NACM National Membership fee covers only Affiliate and National membership dues; dues for industry credit group membership are additional and must be coordinated and purchased by the member representative and the Affiliate group sponsor. In order for a representative to be eligible to join an Affiliate industry credit group, the representative must be a "named" National Member representative. Registration fees to attend local Affiliate and National seminars, conferences, networking events, classes, etc. are also additional.

Companies eligible to apply for an NACM National Membership must:

  1. Currently hold memberships with 5 Affiliates or more and enroll at least 10 member representatives; and,
  2. Operate a decentralized credit operation with separate A/R's; and,
  3. Agree to contribute full file (defined as at least 80%) of its customer aging for all member entities to the national/shared database; the contribution will belong to all participating Affiliates and not attributed to any single participating Affiliate; and,
  4. NACM National will administer the membership, sending the invoice, collecting the dues and remitting dues to each Affiliate; and,
  5. National Members will supply a list of all credit department personnel.

The A/R data contribution will support the NACM National Trade Credit Report and will be coordinated by NACM-Tampa. NACM National Members send A/R files to one place at least every 30 days. NACM Tampa will share the data out to all of the National Trade Credit Report Affiliates. NACM National Members may be eligible for a national credit report contract, negotiated by NACM Tampa and benefiting all NACM NTCR Affiliates.

How to Get Started:

The A/R data contribution will be coordinated with NACM-Tampa. NACM National Members send A/R files to one place at least every 30 days. NACM Tampa will share the data with all of the National Trade Credit Report Affiliates.

Submit a complete roster of credit team personnel, indicating which staffers will be named as NACM National Member representatives. The roster will include names, titles, mailing and email addresses, and phone numbers. Get started today!



Additional benefits of the NACM National Membership:


Conferences, Events & Education

Construction Services

  • NACM's Secured Transaction Services
    NACM National Members may take a 10% discount off select NACM Secured Transaction Services which include NACM-produced (internal, not attorney facilitated) Notices to Owner; Blanket UCC-1 Filings; Purchase Money Security Interest and UCC-1 Filings.
    • Lien Navigator: 10% discount on the annual subscription.
    • NACM-Produced Notices to Owner: 10% discount per notice.
    • Blanket UCC-1 Filing: 10% discount per filing.
    • Purchase Money Security Interest UCC-1 Filing: 10% discount per filing.

Information & Awareness

  • Business Credit magazine
    Each member of the NACM National Member's credit team will be offered a personal subscription to Business Credit magazine. Each team member can elect to receive their own print copy by replying to an invitation that will be sent via email.
  • eNews - NACM's once weekly enewsletter
    Each member of the NACM National Member's credit team will receive a personal subscription to eNews, delivered electronically each Thursday.

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