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Mission Statement

The mission of the Asset Protection Group is to enable our members to optimize the management of business credit fraud risk. By leveraging the collective potential of our membership along with our unique resources and expertise, we help members to maximize the return on their fraud risk management investment. To accomplish our mission, the Asset Protection Group:

  • Provides information and fraud-related data to assist our member companies in their selection of potential business partners.
  • Provides expertise in the investigation of white-collar related crimes.
  • Provides instructional material and lectures on fraud, theft and abuse to educate our membership.
  • Provides expert knowledge and leadership in the prosecution of individuals and entities who targeted and/or defrauded our member companies.
  • Provides management and direction on recovering assets lost due to fraud, theft and abuse.

The success of the Asset Protection Group will continue to hinge upon the recognition and identification of fraud-related information by well-trained and motivated business professionals!

APG Code of Ethics

The Asset Protection Group is dedicated to the thorough investigation of business credit fraud, governed by the highest standards of ethical conduct. Given our commitment of professional and ethical standards within our profession, APG adopts the following Code of Ethics, mandating its observance as a condition of membership or affiliation with APG.

Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall perform their duties in accordance with the law and shall observe the highest moral principles in doing so.
  2. Members shall at all times act with integrity, trustfulness and honesty, modeling the behavior exemplary of our profession.
  3. Members shall observe diligence in the discharge of their professional responsibilities.
  4. Members shall exhibit competence at all times in the discharge of their professional responsibilities.
  5. Members shall at no time divulge confidential information in an inappropriate or unlawful manner and shall exercise the care required to prevent unlawful or improper disclosure to third parties.
  6. Members shall not maliciously injure the reputation or professional practice of colleagues or other parties of investigations.
  7. Members shall display the requisite courage to make the right decision when faced with potential conflicts of interest.

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