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lynn kendrick

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Lynn Kendrick, CBA
CFDD National Chairman (2013-2014)

It is a great honor and privilege to serve as your National Chairman and to be among what I consider the most dedicated members of our profession. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank my family, extended family, and friends for their encouragement and also my affiliate, NACM South Central, and the Louisville chapter, for their continued support and assistance both emotionally and financially on my quest to be National Chairman. Final thanks go to my employer for all their financial help and for allowing me the opportunity to attend the necessary functions.

CFDD is unique in many ways. What other organization offers the benefits like CFDD? Where else can you get the education, mentoring, and personal and professional growth that CFDD has to offer? I know the education and growth that I have received has been priceless. These opportunities are available toeach and every member, all you have to do is reach for them.

This leads me to my theme for the coming year, "Be The Best You Can Be, With CFDD".

Are you one of those members whose name is on the roster, but never attends or gets involved? Allow us to assist you in reaching your goals by becoming more active on the local level, the national level or both. Volunteer to be a committee member. Ask to be placed on the ballot for an officer or board member position. This involvement will assist you in reaching your goals. Like a very wise and positive CFDD member, Bill Riat from the Evansville chapter, once said to me "You are either green and growing or ripe and rotting".

Will this be the year that you choose to take advantage of all the opportunities? Will this be the year you reach your goals and "Be The Best You Can Be?" Only you can answer those questions.

One of my goals this year is to help our chapters retain current members and add new ones. Another goal is to help our members continue to grow by encouraging them to move into leadership positions. We also need to reach out to our direct members and provide them with more resources so they too can continue to grow. We have been working on our professional development programs for the past couple of years and we will continue working on them this year. Our members are the key to our success as an organization.

It will be my honor to work with this dedicated board and NACM-National this year. I pledge to you that we will always be here to assist you in every way possible. I also pledge that we will continue to work on strengthening and improving the benefits of this wonderful organization for you, the members.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of CFDD and your support for me.


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of Credit Management

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