Columbia, MD: February 11, 2011-Michael Mino, CCE, the director of global trade credit for Oracle Corporation, is the newly named chairman of the board of advisors for FCIB, an Association for Professionals in Finance, Credit and International Business.

Mino, a veteran credit professional, has a wealth of experience in international trade, financing and banking. In his current role with Oracle, located in Santa Clara, Mino oversees regional teams based in the ERP giant's shared service centers in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Last fiscal year, Mino's staff processed more than 40,000 individual requests for credit, a reflection of the high profile and heavy workload that comes with managing risk at a company with a $5 billion accounts receivable portfolio.

As the leader of a revitalized FCIB, Mino has bold ideas geared toward raising the association's already estimable profile. "I think FCIB would do well to try to reach out to the big ERP names and collaborate with them on their credit modules," he noted. Mino believes that FCIB's richest resource, its members, could be used to enhance and perfect credit tools industry-wide: "If the big names and FCIB do work together we will see good credit modules up front, with far fewer expensive customizations downstream."

"I would also like to see FCIB actively recruit membership in Latin America, especially where there are concentrations of international business," Mino added, "like in San José, Costa Rica, where lots of people have shared service centers." The overall growth of FCIB's membership is an objective that Mino takes very seriously, especially in hot spots like Latin America and Asia.

Prior to joining Oracle in 2009, Mino led Adobe System's European credit operations, where he handled accounts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He later ran Adobe's credit initiatives for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. A 1979 graduate of Cornell University, Mino initially served as a banker who collected, renegotiated and sold the debt of developing countries to brokers on the secondary market. He established himself as a maverick in the field when, early on, he recommended non-accrual treatment and write downs on impaired Latin American debt.

From a perspective three decades in the making, Mino notes that technological changes and the growing acceptance of English as the language of international business are among the most visible changes within the credit profession. "Email, mobile and VOIP telephony make communications, and therefore centralized management, easier than when I was a banker using telex machines and SWIFT messages. At least as important is the rise of English as the international business language. This enables collaboration, real-time, in one language, from anywhere," said Mino.

Mino also expects identifies productivity measures, the incorporation of social networking into day-to-day responsibilities and the transition to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as issues that will continue to impact the profession.


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