Internet Payment Platform Teleconference

GBG is pleased to host "Internet Payment Platform," a teleconference presented by Teresa Ricoy of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. To be held on March 5th, from 3:00-4:00pm eastern, this teleconference will be a complimentary service for GBG members.

More information will be forthcoming shortly. Stay tuned!

Helpful Government Receivables Websites

MyInvoice-Payment information only (DOD) (info)
GSA FedPay-(pays 7 to 10 days)-
EDA-Electronic Data Access (DOD) (info)-
CCR-Central Contact Registry (info)
NIH-National Institute of Health-

A special thank-you to GBG member Mike Meyers for providing the websites that he often uses in his government receivables. GBG is working to get more educational teleconferences available from the above throughout the 2009 year. Look for upcoming events soon.

Online Bidding

It has become a trend on federal, state and city government purchasing and contract websites to only accept online bidding. Is your company computer-savvy enough to handle such a request? This process benefits not only the government, but the vendor as well.

  • Quotes are real-time
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Can respond quickly to quotes in a safe environment
  • Quotes and award notifications are easier to store
  • Vendor receives email notification when quote is received and posted
No-cost Contracts

Too good to be true? Maybe. You need to decide if a "no-cost" contract is right for your company. No-cost contracts are typically used for service contracts with no financial obligations to the federal government. They may also be referred to as a "broker" contract. GBG interviewed a director at the General Accounting Office to ask about the use of no-cost contracts for vendors:

GBG: Are no-cost contracts legal through the appropriation process?

GAO: If the vendor is permitted by the federal agency to use a no-cost contract. This is a voluntary service because the federal agency is under no financial liability, which will not violate the Antideficiency Act.

GBG: Can you give an example of when a no-cost contract is used?

GAO: General Administration Services (GSA) has used no-cost contracts with a real estate broker that collected the commissions directly from the owner, as done in the private sector. Using the no-cost contract, GSA is able to enter into contracts with real estate brokers without augmenting its appropriations since the government will not receive direct funds from them.

GBG: Can every federal agency use no-cost contracts?

GAO: Military agencies do not apply to no-cost contracts because of the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA), but it does apply to no-cost contracts of civilian agencies. The FAR does not apply to no-cost procurements conducted by any agency.

GBG: What is the benefit to vendors going into a no-cost contract agreement?

GAO: No-cost contracts may help a vendor to lower its bids because the fees are acquired by a third-party. It also helps vendors with the time and money involved in a government contract.

GBG: Where can vendors learn more about no-cost contracts?

GAO: Because no-cost contracts are decided by the agency, vendors should contact vendor contracting offices to find out if they can enter into no-cost contracts. Remember that no-cost contracts are for services, and the government does not receive direct funds.

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