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The Senate is expected to discuss postal reform this month. Recommendations include closing post offices, no Saturday deliveries and return of funds prepaid for retiree health benefits. The return (refund) is for overpayments made in previous years to a federal retirement fund. However you look at it, large cuts are ahead.

Congress knows that the ailing postal service must be reorganized to stabilize the cash-flow problem. It has come down to making bid decisions by Congress or watching the postal service go bankrupt.

If you are a USPS vendor, note that the agency is now $12 billion in debt. It has been reported that the agency could run out of money for day-to-day operations by this fall. By the end of 2012, it is expected the postal service will lose $14 billion if changes are not made, and made soon.

Navy Makes Enterprise Technology License Contracts Mandatory

It is mandatory for Navy and Marine officials to review the list of service-wide deals before purchasing technology. The Navy is in the process of establishing up to 15 enterprise-wide deals with major software and hardware companies. The Navy plans to save 25% on its IT budget over the next five years.

The other DoD agencies are also expected to take advantage of these enterprise deals. All DoD agencies are being required to have a better fiscal environment when it comes to expenditures or changes to acquisition programs. Tighter government control on acquisitions will come with a price to vendors wanting to do business with the government, and contract structures and incentives are making competition relentless.

Calling All FEMA Contractors

After the 100+ tornadoes that hit the Midwest in April, FEMA is helping with the recovery and support in affected communities. As governors request State of Emergencies for those areas hardest hit, FEMA vendors are placing bids for immediate help with debris removal and construction. With tornado season just beginning, government vendors should aggressively search and bid for new business opportunities available.

To find out more about FEMA and doing business with the agency, visit for the latest news, contracts and information.

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