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Federal Acquisition Institute:
Vendor Resources section of the website provides vendors training needed to understand government acquisitions. FAI also offers Vendor Day, training seminars and conferences for vendors with the partnership of many federal government agencies. FAI's next training opportunity is an Acquisition Learning Seminar, "Increasing Competition and Structuring Contracts for Best Results," on Jan 27, 2010.

Strong Password Change Deadline: December 21, 2009

The Central Contractor Registration initially implemented a mandatory strong password change to be completed by June 2009, but due to a high number of requests for help, the deadline has been pushed back to December 21, 2009. The Business Partner Network has extended the date to change your old TPIN password and User ID to the new Strong Password including a new User ID. With this implementation, passwords are individually controlled, updated and recovered, replacing the system assigned TPIN. In addition, your CCR manager may be allowed to update multiple DUNS numbers from one sign-on. If you have not changed your business password, you could experience payment delays.

A tutorial video is available: For additional information or to review your CCR registration, visit:

Collect Proceedings Data: CCR will now collect information from certain registrants regarding any criminal, civil and administrative proceedings on which they have been convicted, found at fault, or acknowledged fault. Pending final FAR implementation is estimated to be March 2010.

D&B Monitoring Out-of-Business (OB) Flag: This update causes an email to be sent out when an OB flag is received from D&B for an Active CCR registrant. This is followed by another email 30 days later if the OB flag remains on the Active CCR registration.


The last MOCAS payment cycle date for 2009 is December 29th, dated the 30th. MOCAS is the acronym for Mechanization of Contract Administration Services. A MOCAS contract is a contract administered by a Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and paid by DFAS Columbus, either North, South or West Entitlements. Basically, all other contracts paid by a DFAS location are non-MOCAS. You can look at the front page of your contract to read the "Payment Will Be Made By" box to see where your contract is paid.


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