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www.dau.mil– Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

The DAU website is very large, and maneuvering through it to find needed information can be overwhelming. The next few newsletters will contain invaluable sections of the site starting with the Acquisition Community Connection (https://acc.dau.mil/Community

Some DAU sections are secured and not for public view, such as government, DoD, or supporting DoD industries. However, the Community Connection is, and it contains worthy information about acquisition subjects in an easy-to-read format. You do not need to be a seasoned acquisition officer to understand the information here. As a matter of fact, throughout the entire DAU website, the University portion of the acronym DAU is commendable. The site is there to teach you what you need to understand when it comes to government acquisitions. Don’t miss the information on subcontracting that can be found by clicking on “Small Business” under the “Participate in a Community” section.

In this slow economy, managing cash and liquidity are more important than ever. That same slow economy and the large Federal stimulus package are causing more companies to look at doing business with the federal government. However, doing business with and collecting from the federal government is far different than commercial business practices, with its own set of very detailed rules and procedures. Understanding those rules can improve cash flow. Bill Blumberg’s book, Blumberg’s Laws: Getting Paid by Uncle Sam, provides extensive coverage of federal government payment and collections from both the government and vendor side. This how-to guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the federal government system and will be an invaluable tool for any receivables office.

GBG will be giving away this book to newsletter readers during the months of September and October. To win one of these valuable books, please complete the GBG contest entry form. There will be two winners each month.

Important Information From DFAS

Defense Finance Acquisition Services (DFAS) has sent GBG the following information:

Printing Advice of Payments (AOPs)
Effective May 1, 2010 DFAS-Columbus no longer prints Advice of Payments (AOP) for vendors.

To access AOPs electronically, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into myInvoice at https://myinvoice.csd.disa.mil. (If already set-up in myInvoice go to step 2.)
    a. Click on the “Vendor Registration” link
    b. Verify that the "New User" button is selected.
    c. Set-up 8-digit user identification and 4- to 8-digit password.
    d. Fill in required name fields
    e. Skip to step 3
  2. Access the Vendor Registration tab
  3. Enter an email address in the appropriate field
  4. Click the box beside “Send Advice of Payment to email address listed above” to ensure receiving an email stating an AOP is available
  5. Add or delete cage codes as necessary
  6. Click “Submit”

Note: This will allow companies to receive an email when an AOP is available. Vendors may want to set up a corporate email account for all payment notifications.

Contract Closeouts

It’s the time of year again when the government starts thinking about contract closeouts. Government agencies can have their own closeout procedures and it is important for the vendor to understand the agency with which they are contracted because often government audit rights can go beyond closeouts. Your biggest priority is to make sure all invoices have been paid before the contract is closed out by either party. It is also your responsibility to verify that the contract is physically complete within your office. Make sure all parties have satisfied terms and conditions of the contract and that the final invoice has been sent. Verify there are no outstanding claims or disputes before the government closes out the contract. If the government does close out the contract before all invoices are paid, the money could have been de-obligated and the contractor must wait until for a modification on the contract to obligate funds. This is why it is important to send invoices as soon as obligations are met, and remember to stay in contact with your contracting officer. You can read more on contract closeouts under FAR Part 4.


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