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Honors & Awards 

Over the years, the National Association of Credit Management Honors and Awards have become an important mechanism by which we recognize our colleagues for the outstanding efforts they have made on behalf of the credit profession. Below find out more about our Honors & Awards Program.

Alice M. H. McGregor Award of Exceptional Achievement
Alice McGregor

This award memorializes one of NACM’s great leaders, Alice M. H. McGregor, CCE.

In her honor, this highly prestigious award recognizes creative approaches and consistently high performance by credit practitioners that benefit the recipient’s company, affiliate, the national organization and the business credit profession. Alice M. H. McGregor award recipients serve as role models; they are leaders rather than followers, set standards for others, and apply their professional expertise outside of their companies.

You need only to look at Alice’s vast and reaching accomplishments to understand what embodies this award: Alice was educated at Edinburgh Business College and the London Graduate School of Business. She was the first woman to receive the CCE designation and graduated from NACM’s Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management in 1978.

She joined Puget Sound Salvage & Equipment Company in the credit department, and by the time it became known as Pacific Industrial Supply Company, she was a co-owner. Ultimately, Alice became the President of Pacific Industrial Supply Company.

She was well known for her dedicated service within her local Affiliate, NACM Business Credit Services in Seattle, Washington, where she was a member for 29 years. She served in many volunteer capacities, including Chairman. She led many seminars, sharing her knowledge and expertise, and was a mentor to everyone she knew. In 1985, NACM Seattle honored her as their Credit Executive of the Year.

She was a leading figure in NACM-CFDD Seattle and was named Credit Woman of the year in 1976. Alice served as National Chairman from 1989 to 1990. When asked about the secret to her success, Alice would always simply say, “hard work.”

View the current recipient below.



Do you know anyone working in the field of credit management whose professional life displays unquestioned integrity, outstanding and meritorious service in the field, and ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the credit management profession?

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Application Period:
December 2, 2013 - January 24, 2014.

Award Details

O. D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction

In February 2010, a revered leader and visionary within NACM, O. D. Glaus, passed away. NACM can think of no better way to both memorialize and honor O.D. than to continually identify and honor those that reflect his vision, energy, commitment and love for the credit profession. Therefore, in May 2010, the National Honors & Awards Committee, with an endorsement from the National Board of Directors, renamed the National Credit Executive Award the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction.

As with the National Credit Executive Award, the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction seeks to acknowledge exemplary professionals within the field of credit. The nomination criteria have been honed to seek those that emulate O.D.'s legacy. The award will be bestowed annually in tribute to O.D. and to recognize remarkable professionals within the NACM organization.

Designation of Excellence Awards

The Designation of Excellence Awards were created to honor designation holders at three distinct levels: the CBA, CBF and CCE. Each honoree must have an unrelenting pursuit of excellence through enhanced and improved knowledge. Equally important is the desire to share that knowledge through speaking, teaching or mentoring.

NACM Instructor and Student of the Year Awards

The NACM Instructor of the Year is a person who is not only passionate about sharing their hard-earned knowledge, but also challenging their students for more. The NACM Student of the Year is a person who takes the challenge of hard work, compounded with work, family, professional and civic responsibilities, head on.

Mentor of the Year

Mentor of the Year is a person who is defined as a wise and trusted teacher or guide. For some, guiding, nurturing and motivating those in need is innate.

Strength in Numbers Recognition Award NACM’s strength is in its numbers: Members are the foundation of every association. The NACM Strength in Numbers Awards honor individuals who have given so much to our association. These strong leaders have helped shape our organization, whether through service as a staff member, an Affiliate Manager or an expert outside of the membership arena.

GSCFM Awards

NACM’s Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management awards the programs high achievers every year. Click here to view our 2012 GSCFM Award recipients. 



2013 Recipients

O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award

kathy tomlin odglausThis year's O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction is Kathy Tomlin, CCE, regional credit manager for Central Concrete Supply Company in San Jose, CA. Kathy is a long-time member of NACM who has served on her local board of directors before joining the NACM National Board. Her NACM Board service culminated in her service as national chairman in 2011.

Kathy is passionate about education, and takes the opportunity to continue to learn. She completed NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management in 2012 for which she took vacation days in order to attend. Early in her career, she overcame her fear of public speaking and now regularly takes part in various events as a speaker or moderator, as she did at this year's Credit Congress, where she was also a part of the three-person panel that testified on the Bankruptcy Code's Section 547 preference provisions at the hearing of ABI's Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11.

Kathy's commitment to NACM is unwaivering: whenever called, she's there to help. Kathy believes in the credit profession and in NACM.

Designation of Excellence Awards

ron sereika cceCCE Designation of Excellence Award
Ron Sereika, CCE

The CCE Designation of Excellence Award was presented to Ron Sereika, CCE, credit manager for CooperVision in Fairport, NY. To receive this award, the recipient must be dedicated to the credit profession, committed to improving oneself through higher education and committed to making a difference. Ron is an NACM advocate: he was instrumental in assisting with a very successful merger of his affiliate to help it not only survive, but to grow. He continues to serve his affiliate on countless committees.

Ron is an ambassador for not only NACM, but for the credit profession. He's committed to education, mentoring both his staff and fellow members as they pursue NACM's professional designations. He serves as the instructor for CAP and ACAP courses, and was honored in 2010 with the Instructor of the Year award. He's also a speaker, leading seminars and sessions as often as his schedule permits. He has also completed the NACM Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management, and continues to expand his knowledge by attending Credit Congress.

hector benitez cbfCBF Designation of Excellence Award
Hector Benitez, CBF

The CBF Designation of Excellence Award singles out an individual who is committed to moving forward in his or her profession through continuing education. The recipient is devoted to the credit profession and strives to excel within the credit community. Hector Benitez, CBF of Equinix in Redwood City, CA was presented with this year's award.

Hector earned his CBA designation in 2007, and went on to earn the CBF designation in 2007. He is now working toward earning the CCE designation. He's a fan of education, attending as many conferences and seminars as his schedule permits.

caron munsen cbaCBA Designation of Excellence Award
Caron Munsen, CBA
Caron Munsen, CBA of Haskins Steel Company in Spokane, WA is this year's CBA Designation of Excellence award winner. This award recipient sets an example for all who want to begin their pursuit of higher education and professional certifications. These eager, motivated role models work tirelessly to complete courses, take exams, contribute to their local affiliate and CFDD chapter.

Carol is an NACM advocate serving on NACM Inland Northwest in Spokane committees and on its Board of Directors. She earned her CBA designation in 2007 and spoke on the topic of the "Nuts and Bolts of Accreditation." She was recently highlighted in a Business Credit article discussing her dedication to the project of getting approval at her company to contribute their accounts receivable data to the NACM database. She is proud on the contributions made in that light to the business community.

Mentor of the Year

smythe mentorMentors play an invaluable role in the NACM national network: they willingly and selflessly serve as our professional trainers and coaches, inspiring everyone around them to reach greater professional heights. Mentors guide us as we strive for excellence, advising us, guiding us and helping us to grow both personally and professionally. This year's Mentor Award recipient contributed to the establishment of a mentor program for those entering the credit profession. She was recognized by her affiliate and CFDD Tacoma for her efforts. Her affiliate said that she is a true believer in certification and professional education, and works hard to encourage new members to take full advantage of our regional and national programs.

Congratulations to Stacey Smythe, CCE, credit manager for Progressive International in Kent, WA on receiving the Mentor of the Year Award.

Instructor of the Year

douglas darrington instructorThe Instructor of the Year is not only passionate about sharing their hard-earned knowledge, presenting concepts and explaining the facts, but challenges their students for more. They work all day and then rush to a class to enthusiastically teach as though the day has just begun.

Douglas Darrington, CCE, credit manager for Kilgore Companies in Magna, UT cares passionately about inspiring his students to not only learn, but to broaden their horizons and reach through active participation in NACM. He is an avid supporter of the NACM organization, from recruiting students, to volunteering his time in leadership roles for the organization. One of his colleagues told us that "he brings the best out in his employees and takes the time to teach them."


Student of the Year

denise moller studentIt takes a great deal of work to light the fire, especially when compounded with work, family, NACM and civic responsibilities, but once it's blazing, it provides tremendous warmth and light. The Student of the Year Award honors the person who strives for excellence in credit through education and takes the challenge head-on, with a positive attitude and determined focus.

This year's award recipient, Denise Moller, CCE, ICCE, credit and collections analyst with Tru Vue, Inc. in McCook, IL, strives for excellence in credit through education. She completed the NACM Credit Administration Program, earning her CBA designation in 2008. She went on to earn her CBF designation in 2010. In 2012, she attended the NACM Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management, and not only earned her CCE designation, but was singled out and presented with the GSCFM Student Leadership Award.

Denise also earned her CICP designation in 2011 after successfully completing FCIB's International Credit and Risk Management program. She also now holds the International Certified Credit Executive (ICCE) designation.


The Alice M.H. McGregor Award

val venable mcgregorThis year, the Honors and Awards Committee chose to bestow the prestigious Alice M.H. McGregor Award to Val Venable, CCE, director of credit at Ascend Performance Materials in Houston, TX.

Val is a long-time member of NACM who believes in education and commitment. This belief began when she attended her first Credit Congress in 1991 as a member of NACM Connecticut. Determined to never again be among those sitting when credential holders were asked to stand, she began her pursuit of the CCE designation, which she successfully completed by 1992. Now fully committed, she completed the NACM Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management in 1994, for which she personally paid.

Val's service to NACM has included attendance at more than 80 seminars, as panelist at several Credit Congresses and speaker at CFDD National and All South conferences. She also served as NACM Chairman for the 2001-2002 term.

Val has been a go-to expert on bankruptcy and bankruptcy reform for the NACM Government Affairs Committee for over a decade. She has testified before the U.S. Congressional committee, and co-chaired an American Bankruptcy Institute committee on NACM's behalf. Once again, this year, Val stepped up to represent NACM and unsecured creditors at a hearing of ABI's Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11 LINK TO PAGE WHEN CREATED held at Credit Congress, where she served on the panel for that presented testimony on the Bankruptcy Code's Section 547 preference provisions.

Val is currently on the NACM Gulf States Board of Directors. The June 2012 issue of Business Credit featured Val's member profile on the announcement of her selection as last year's O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction.

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