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Emagia is Newest Addition to NACM Preferred Partner Program

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Columbia, MD: May 1, 2014—Emagia Corporation, a leading provider of Enterprise Receivables Management Solutions, is the latest addition to the National Association of Credit Management’s (NACM) Preferred Partner Program.

NACM’s Partner Program enables members of the organization, who range from large multinational and global firms to local and regional suppliers across the United States, to more easily share and access critical commercial credit information, especially data relating to industry trade groups. This partnership will allow NACM members to use Emagia’s Receivables Management SuiteTM as a conduit for both reporting and accessing critical industry credit data for the growing roster of members who participate in and actively support the NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR).

Emagia solutions transform, automate and optimize the Order-to-Cash process. Emagia Receivables Management SuiteTM provides a single, global and integrated platform for managing the credit, collections, deductions, cash applications and online bill presentment/payment processes—empowering finance executives with the most critical insights for optimizing their receivables operations to align with their corporate finance strategy. Emagia Receivables AnalyticsTM provides pre-packaged business intelligence solutions for credit and collections managers and senior finance executives to gain valuable business insight and predictive analysis on receivables management. Adding the NTCR data into the mix will provide another layer of unique and valuable insight.

NACM's Credit Managers' Index Improves to 56

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Though the National Association of Credit Management’s monthly economic report improved, it was not enough to dispel concerns. For now, encouragement comes from the index holding firmly in the mid-50s and the performance of favorable factors like sales and amount of credit extended. 

Columbia, Maryland: April 30, 2014—The Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) from the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) improved slightly in April, rising from 55.5 to 56. The index has yet to rebound to where it was in January, but importantly is still firmly in the mid-50s and starting to trend in the right direction. The index of favorable factors improved from 59 to 60.7, which remains shy of January’s peak of 61.5, but happily back above 60. However, the index of unfavorable factors posted a disconcerting fall from 53.2 to 52.8, recording its worst performance since July and indicating definite signs of distress in the trade debtor community.

Credit Managers' Index for March Stalls at 55.5

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The National Association of Credit Management’s monthly economic report showed the effects of a continued harsh winter. An improvement in amount of credit extended tempered by a decline in the number of companies applying for credit indicates a continued caution. 

Columbia, MD: March 31, 2014—The Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) from the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) saw little change in the readings for March as it slipped a fraction from 55.6 to 55.5. The stall at February and December levels leaves January’s spike as the anomaly in recent months. The index’s readings, which had fluctuated since October, provided cautious expectations of consistent future growth. It was hoped that the February reading was the outlier, rather than a grim thesis for the rest of 2014, but a holding pattern due in part to the effects of a harsh winter is preferred to a decline, leaving room for some optimism about the economy in months to come.

Most of the factors comprising the March CMI stayed the same from the previous month, with a few notable exceptions. The sub-index of favorable factors slipped very slightly from 59.4 to 59. Within this index, sales moved from 59.4 to 59.1, staying on the low side of the last year. In the previous 12 months, the sales reading was above 60 for eight months, but fell into the high 50s for the last two. New credit applications slid from 58.1 to 57.3. Dollar collections dipped from 58.8 to 56.4, posting the most dramatic change in the favorable factors. The only positive shift was in amount of credit extended from 61.4 to 63.1. “The rise in amount of credit extended is better news than it might seem as it suggests some anticipation for better days ahead,” said NACM Economist Chris Kuehl. “That credit was being extended despite the drop in applications for credit is a good sign in general.”

Ex-Im Bank Partners With FCIB Association, Accelerates Access to Export Financing

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ex-im-logoWashington, DC: March 18, 2014—The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) today announced its cross-marketing partnership with thousands of credit and finance professionals who are represented by the Finance, Credit and International Business Association (FCIB), a division of the National Association of Credit Management. The Bank and FCIB signed a memorandum of understanding that expresses their mutual interest in providing information to business owners about how they may finance and expand export sales while sustaining U.S. jobs.

"At the Ex-Im Bank, our singular focus is equipping U.S. exporters with the tools they need to reach customers around the world and create jobs here at home," remarked Ex-Im Bank Chairman and President Fred Hochberg. "And we depend upon export finance and business credit professionals across America to connect us with entrepreneurs - particularly those from the small business community - who can benefit from the services we provide. FCIB is the primary network for those credit professionals, so naturally we're excited about the opportunities that this working relationship will provide."

Cforia and NACM Set New Standard for Old Industry Practice

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Columbia, MD: March 6, 2014—The National Association for Credit Management (NACM) and Cforia Software have teamed up to develop a simple, yet unique way for Cforia customers to share commercial credit data. While reporting business credit information is an essential component of building and using a quality credit source, the process is often a challenge for the credit manager and more often a low priority for their tech team. NACM is hoping to change that dynamic through its Preferred Partner Program, of which Cforia is a founding member.

NACM realized that leaders in the industry, such as Cforia, which focuses on automating A/R workflows through improving efficiencies and supporting better credit decisions, want to help their customers more easily participate in what is often the most critical tool in the creditor’s arsenal: the industry trade group. Also referred to as industry credit groups, these groups, and the data-sharing concept as a whole, are loaded with benefits for the creditor, but often forgotten is the positive impact to their customers and the economy as a whole. A solid commercial credit report is critical to fast, accurate and efficient credit granting, of which our economy would come to a standstill without. Segregating consumer credit from commercial credit helps the business owner on a variety of levels.

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