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Credit Managers’ Index for September Drops Slightly, Maintains August Gain

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The National Association of Credit Management’s (NACM) economic report for September 2012 managed to maintain most of the gain made in August. The slight drop of only half a percentage point implies some momentum will carry into the fall.

Columbia, Maryland: September 28, 2012—The Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) number for September is nearly the same as in August, falling only half a percentage point to 55.3. The gain made in the CMI in August showed an economy with an overall better performance than earlier in the year. The August 55.8 was the highest this year, except for the February number, which matched it. The sense was that some key areas were showing improvement. The CMI has only been at or above this level three times this year. In short, the bounce first registered in August appears to be more secure than originally assumed. Slight shifts in some categories (factors) have implications for the next few months, but it can be asserted at this stage that the momentum from late summer is carrying forward to some extent into the fall.

Solid Improvement in August Credit Managers' Index

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The National Association of Credit Management's (NACM) economic report for August 2012 effectively eliminated the threat of a summer slump with improvements in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Columbia, Maryland: August 31, 2012—For the past several years, the Credit Managers' Index (CMI) has consistently predicted the performance of the greater economy by roughly a month. In 2008, when the majority of the economic indicators pointed toward more growth, the CMI had already started to track downward and essentially predicted the impending recession. This indicative quality has been noted and is largely attributed to the nature of the credit manager's world, which essentially focuses on the future. Credit managers are more concerned about what is happening in the next 30, 60, 90 or 120 days—when invoices are due. If this trend holds true, the news from this month is going to make many happy about coming trends in the economy.

Myron Brilliant to Deliver Keynote Address at FCIB 23rd Annual Global Conference

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Columbia, MD: August 23, 2012—The Finance, Credit and International Business Association (FCIB) has announced U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Myron Brilliant as the keynote speaker at its upcoming 23rd Annual Global Conference in Philadelphia on November 11-13.

Brilliant, drawing from his unique involvement in senior-level international business affairs, coupled with his knowledge of existing trade agreements, will deliver his address titled "Increasing International Trade and Investment: A Zero Sum Game?"

NACM-Canada Announces 14th Annual Credit Conference & Exposition, October 25-26, 2012

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Columbia, MD: August 2, 2012—NACM-Canada will hold its 14th Annual Credit Conference & Expo at the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel on October 25-26, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. With the Fall Global Export Forecast Report set to be released soon, Keynote Speaker EDC Economist Peter Hall will discuss the state of the Canadian economy leading up to the report's release. The rest of this year's program will feature presentations from some of most respected figures in commercial finance in Canada and the United States.

Dennis Thomassie, CCE Honored with Marilynn Daugherty Spirit Award

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Honored by the NACM Credit and Financial Development Division

July 26, 2012: Columbia, Maryland—The Credit and Financial Development Division (CFDD) of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) honored Dennis Thomassie, CCE, a member of CFDD Dallas/Fort Worth, with its Marilynn Daugherty* Spirit Award during its annual luncheon on June 12th at the 116th NACM Credit Congress and Exposition, held in Grapevine, Texas. The Marilynn Daugherty Spirit Award recognizes an individual who is dedicated and loyal to the credit profession, which is demonstrated through leadership, mentoring and teaching. The award is not given on a yearly basis, rather, when the CFDD judging committee feels an individual merits such an honor.

Thomassie, a resident of Irving, is corporate credit manager for RSR Corporation in Dallas. Thomassie is responsible for RSR's U.S. credit operations, including its five distribution centers. RSR customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small oil field distributors. RSR is very supportive of Thomassie's involvement in NACM and CFDD and credits him with making major contributions to the success of its operations, partially by keeping credit losses "astoundingly low to nonexistent." Before RSR, Thomassie graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS in Marketing and flew four-engine jet transports globally for the U.S. Air Force. He served for eight years, achieving the rank of Captain.

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