Seattle Area Professional, Stacy Smythe, Honored As Mentor of the Year by the National Association of Credit Management

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June 13, 2013: Columbia, MD—The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) honored Stacey Smythe, CCE of Kent, Washington as the 2013 NACM Mentor of the Year during the association’s 117th Annual Credit Congress and Exposition, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 19-22, 2013. Smythe is a credit manager at Progressive International, a source for a wide range of functional, inventive and fun kitchen gadgets and tools geared to individual tastes and all levels of cooking know-how, also located in Kent.

Smythe is recognized for her contribution to the establishment of a mentor program for those new to the field of credit management for her local Credit and Financial Development Division (CFDD), CFDD Tacoma. She believes that education is a key component of a well-rounded life, both personal and professional. Guided by the belief that continuous learning is a worthy objective to be pursued individually and among peers, she is well known within NACM and CFDD for sharing her well-honed knowledge and wisdom. Empathy and encouragement characterize her approach to helping colleagues move through the credit landscape.

CFDD Tacoma awarded her its Distinguished Member Award in 2006 for her tireless efforts. Fellow CFDD member, Cynthia Jaeger, CCE remarked, “She is always willing to help anyone with any position at CFDD, NACM or with designation questions. She has been my rock and helped mentor me in roles as I have stepped up to serve on both the CFDD and NACM Boards.”

Smythe’s NACM affiliate, NACM Business Credit Services, holds her in high regard as evidenced by some comments from its members, “She is always available to answer questions, lend a helping hand and truly be a mentor.” “She is a true believer in certification and professional education, and works hard to encourage new members to take full advantage of our regional and national programs.” Affiliate president, Jon Flora, welcomes her participation as board chairman of the association and leader in the Ask-A-Mentor program where she continually seeks out new opportunities to promote the credit profession.

She earned her Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation* as part of her continuing education. This executive level certification endorses its achievers as capable of managing the credit function at an executive level in the areas of accounting, finance, domestic and international credit concepts, management and law.

Being active in her local community by participating in a wide range of organizations focusing primarily on health and human services shows another side of Smythe’s concern for others.

The National Association of Credit Management warmly congratulates Stacey Smythe on being honored as the 2013 Mentor of the Year.

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NACM, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, supports more than 15,000 business credit and financial professionals worldwide with premier industry services, tools and information. NACM and its network of affiliated associations are the leading resource for credit and financial management information, education, products and services designed to improve the management of business credit and accounts receivable. NACM’s collective voice has influenced federal legislative policy results concerning commercial business and trade credit to our nation’s policy makers for more than 100 years, and continues to play an active part in legislative issues pertaining to business credit and corporate bankruptcy. Its annual Credit Congress is the largest gathering of credit professionals in the world.

*About NACM Designations and the Honors and Awards Committee

The NACM certification program is comprised of three designations on the domestic side: the Certified Business Associate (CBA), Credit Business Fellow (CBF) and the most prestigious, the Certified Credit Executive (CCE). Under NACM’s international division, the Finance, Credit and International Business Association (FCIB), NACM also offers the Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) and International Certified Credit Executive (ICCE) designations. The NACM-National Honors and Awards Committee bases its awards on a scoring system that rates nominees in nearly 50 areas of professional life, including their participation in NACM activities on local and national levels, service on local and national industry credit groups, educational attainment in the credit field, continuing education participation, professional accomplishments and dedication to the profession.

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A CFDD Chapter is a group of credit professionals organized with a focus on education, networking and professional support for employees of member firms of NACM. Membership enhances professional status while promoting attainment of educational goals, business contacts, networking opportunities and leadership development.

NACM has a wealth of member experts in the fields of business-to-business credit and law. Consider using NACM as a resource in the development of your next credit or finance story.

Local Affiliate Contact: Jon Flora, NACM Business Credit Services, 206-973-5096,

National Contact: Caroline Zimmerman, 410-740-5560



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