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Web Usage Policy for NACM Logo and Copyrighted Materials

This policy document is to encourage the free exchange of information via the Internet while at the same time ensuring adequate protection for the NACM brand. The NACM brand consists of its logo, trademarks and copyrighted materials. Please note that articles that have appeared in Business Credit magazine are copyrighted.

This web usage policy provides you with guidelines particular to conduct on the Internet to help you avoid infringement of NACM copyrights and trademark issues. This policy is subject to change at any time and without notice. This policy is not intended to serve as legal advice: should you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties, please consult your own attorney.

The NACM logo is valuable property of the National Association of Credit Management, because it represents the high standards to which the association holds itself, its services, and the information and materials it provides to members.


The power of the Internet comes from the ability to use hyperlinks to connect web pages. Hyperlink is a tool that allows an end user to connected to a different web page or web site by clicking on hypertext to go to relevant information quickly.

Please DO hyperlink to the NACM homepage—as long as you clearly indicate that the end user will exit your web site and enter into an internal page.

Do hyperlink ONLY where there is a requirement for information on NACM membership, programs or products. You must also clearly indicate that the end user will exit your web site and enter into the NACM web site.

All links to the NACM home page or other NACM web pages must appear as hypertext without use of the NACM logo.

Do not use a hyperlink to attribute NACM work as your own or your company’s; no links should cause confusion or imply that you are affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by NACM-National.

Do not use a hyperlink to defame, disparage, or harm the reputation of NACM-National or any NACM Affiliated organizations, its employees, partners, or members.


Do not frame any content created by NACM, including NACM web pages. Framing misleads the viewer as to the origin of the framed content. (Framing allows an end user to view a linked web page within a “frame” in the original web site.)


Do not use NACM or National Association of Credit Management; or FCIB or Finance, Credit and International Business in the metatags to your web site unless you are one of our Affiliated organizations.

Domain Name

Do not use NACM or FCIB as all or part of a domain name, unless you are an NACM Affiliated organization. An example would be www.nacmsurvey.com or www.fcibcreditreports.com.

Derivative Work

Do not create new content based on NACM web content, Business Credit magazine, NACM E-News content, educational handouts, conference materials or other publications that are based on the modification or adaptation of NACM web page content, print material content, graphic design, illustrations or photos, color schemes, visual appearances, or any other original work created by NACM-National or its Affiliated organizations.


Do not re-host-or make a copy of—any NACM web pages or content to reside on your server without written permission from NACM-National.


NACM’s permission for Affiliated organizations to use the Logo does not create any rights to the Logo or any of its components, beyond the terms and conditions of the existing contractual agreement. The NACM name and Logo is and shall remain at all times the sole and exclusive property of NACM. Affiliated organizations may not revise or alter the Logo in any way without the express written permission of NACM.


The above is not intended to serve as legal advice. Should you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties, please consult your own attorney. If you have questions regarding any of the above information, please contact Dan LaRusso at 410-423-1842.

NACM Logos

Dan LaRusso to contact Dan LaRusso, NACM Director of Marketing and Design.




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