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January 2009

GBG Upcoming Teleconference

GBG will be offering its first 2009 audio teleconference with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on the topic of Internet Payment Platform (IPP). IPP transitioned from the PAID system. Many government agencies now advise vendors to use the IPP system. For a list of the agencies, or to read more on the IPP system before the teleconference, please go to https://www.ipp.gov/.

The teleconference date: TBA

Watch your emails for information on the teleconference within the next few weeks.

If there is a particular audio teleconference you would like to suggest, please send Deb Carroll, debc@nacm.org, an email with the topic and/or agency. GBG will try and get it scheduled.

Middle East Payments

More and more contracts are going to Middle Eastern countries, with payments only being lost in the black hole of receiving reports. Finally, the Defense Department has heard the GBG cries for help and has contracted DFAS-Rome to become a payment office for Middle Eastern contracts. (Your contracting office may ask for DFAS-Rome to be the payment office before the contract is finalized.) DFAS-Rome must have the contract, invoice and receiving report in its possession before payments can be made as ruled by DFAR, however, DFAS will help the vendor obtain these—especially the receiving report—if the vendor is unable to get the overseas contracting officer or overseas receiving officer to supply them accordingly. Defense block 18b on the front of the contract states where the invoices should be sent for payments. Improperly sent invoices will delay payments. Middle East invoices that include DFAS-Rome as the payment office may be emailed to Rome-vpfileroom@dfas.mil. Only send DFAS-Rome invoices that are stated in the contract to this email address.

If the Point of Contract (POC) does not reply after a reasonable amount of time, you may contact the DFAS-Rome Middle East team at the same address for help.

Contract Funding

The authorizing agency and official responsible for appropriation data commit funds.

Funds are obligated when the contracting officer awards a contract and funds must be available until the contract is closed out.

The contracting officer is personally responsible for payments if there are insufficient funds under the Anti-Deficiency Act.

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