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NACM Webinar

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Webinars are an interactive platform in which to participate in stimulating online educational presentations. Using a chat function, share your comments and questions to enhance the quality and diversity of the conversation. Feel as though you are in the room with the speaker and sharing the educational experience without leaving the office.

As if webinars weren't convenient enough before, here is an even simpler, easier option with more bang for your buck.

Register for a whole quarter of educational webinars and teleconferences by registering only once.

Participant login information will be emailed to you the day before each presentation. So easy, so convenient and so worth it! Have access to all June – September 2015 teleconferences and webinars for only $1,800. An incredible savings... so REGISTER NOW.

How our webinars work:

Step 1
Simply register for a webinar of your choice.

Step 2
The day before the webinar we will email you the web page link and event password. Using the password, you will login to the webinar.

If you do not have speakers on your computer, you can simultaneously call a given phone number to listen to the session while viewing it online.

Step 3
Watch, listen, participate and enjoy!


Professional Education Webinars are $249 for 60-minute webinars and $299 for 90 minutes.


Media requirements:

Following are valid players for rich media files using UCF (need only one to participate):

Flash Player 6.0 or later   Check Now
Windows Media Player 9.0 or later   Check Now
QuickTime 6.0 or later   Check Now

On Demand Webinars

Have you missed a webinar? Check out our On Demand webinars here.

Date Event Location Type
12/02/2015 Webinar: B2B Credit Card Acceptance: A Candid Discussion About Acceptance Policies... - NACM Webinar
12/07/2015 Webinar: How Smart Credit Policies Improve Collection and Litigation Results - NACM Webinar
01/11/2016 Webinar: Using Data to Monitor Collector Performance - NACM Webinar
01/20/2016 Webinar: How Much Credit Should You Grant Your Customers? - NACM Webinar
02/03/2016 Webinar: How to Find, Hire and Manage a Lawyer: 10 Questions You Must Ask - NACM Webinar
02/10/2016 Webinar: Bankruptcy Rumblings: How To Best Position Your Company in Advance of Customer Bankruptcy - NACM Webinar
02/17/2016 Webinar: Essential Skills for Credit Leadership - NACM Webinar
02/24/2016 Webinar: Fraudulent Transfers – Understanding the Players, Tracing Assets, and Getting Paid - NACM Webinar
03/07/2016 Webinar: Creating an Advantageous Partnership for Both Credit and Sales - NACM Webinar
03/09/2016 Webinar: Credit Applications – Getting It Right from the Start So You Get Paid! - NACM Webinar
03/14/2016 Webinar: Legal Options for Dealing with Delinquent Customers - NACM Webinar
03/23/2016 Webinar: The Importance of Generating Cash Flow - NACM Webinar
04/11/2016 Webinar: How To Effectively Manage Teams from a Distance - NACM Webinar
05/04/2016 Webinar: Risk Mitigation - NACM Webinar
09/14/2016 Webinar: Show Your Value: Creating Effective Receivables Reports to Satisfy Management’s Need for In - NACM Webinar

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